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Do you keep your health policy in the kitchen?

Its easy for you to make your diet your health insurance. As a matter of fact I have not had a health insurance policy for just under 25 years! I will share with you some simple tips in order to invest in your body and leave  the insurance company to one side! (oops! I am not going to be very popular  lady with that statement!)

Begin the day with a green organic vegetable juice early in the morning and every day. This will not only flood your system with vitamins minerals and enzymes, but will also alkalies it, counteracting the effects of stress, and any poor dietary choices.

Why not start with this? To your base of green organic leaves try adding beetroot as a blood builder and help to cleanse the liver, a couple of carrots and add some ginger to get the circulation going and if you want to take the taste to the next level you could add a whole lemon or lime or an orange.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so they say so just juice or fruit won´t do the job long term.Try incorporating more  organic  protein with some quinoa porridge if you are vegan and if you are Raw Vegan experiment with nut or seed ‘mylks’ blending them  activated muesli/granola* with berries  for an antioxidant infusion.

Lunch can be a little more challenging because of our busy lifestyle but you still need to get it right. An ideal lunch would be to incorporate a vegan protein of your choice together with a huge mixed salad and lots of sprouts (Vegan & Raw Organics to go lunch boxes** are amazing)

Supper is the least important meal of the day and the earlier the better. 6 or 7 pm is a good time,that gives your digestive system and liver  time to cleanse overnight.A blended raw soup of your choice or fruit smoothie can be pleasantly satisfying.If you feel that this is not sufficient for you you may select whole foods but go easy on the protein.

  • *Activated seeds are prepared  at Vegan & Raw by soaking the nuts and seeds for 24 to 48 hours, gently rinsing with spring water and dehydrating at 115º for another 24 to 48 hours
  • **Organic Lunch boxes are prepared daily at V & R

Beverley Pugh-Hippocrates Health Educator, Raw Food Chef, Detox Expert, Therapist & Coach