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Yacht Toys – the changing industry

With an office in Monaco and distribution in the main yachting destinations, SYTT is focussed on providing the best value, eco conscious yacht toy rental. This has been stepped-up due to increased client demand but also with the belief that the rental of goods is expanding in the industry as a whole as it is seen as being better for the environment. The sharing economy is increasing and for a variety of reasons the ‘I want to rent it now’ attitude seems to be increasingly popular.

A recent study by Lab42 (a market research company in the US) found that amongst Millennials in particular there was a large focus on being able to make instant purchases and also being able to rent anything they want, anytime, anywhere. This study was not focussed on yachting but it offers an interesting insight into people’s behaviour towards renting. The study even begins to suggest that this could be the end of ownership. The key reasons to rent are listed as:

  • To test things before purchasing 57%
  • They need a temporary solution 55%
  • They need an item or a service for a short time frame 52%
  • It is cheaper than buying 43%
  • It is more convenient than buying 42%
  • Because it is better for the environment 73%

Whilst it is not in our personal interests as a business to dissuade clients from purchasing goods, we strongly believe that by offering ‘try before you buy’ or short term rental options this can be beneficial for the client as well as the environment. It also offers clients more choice which is always appreciated, the opportunity to enjoy a greater variety of items on board and involves less maintenance for the crew. Goods can be used more often, by more people and have a more intense lifecycle instead of  gathering dust in a yachts garage. We often find that after 5-10 years yachts ask us to replace their goods on board so that they have the latest and greatest new toys and often the goods they are getting rid of have very low hours. A recent example is a 100+m yacht that replaced all their Seabobs on board and the ones we collected for re-sale  had under 20 hours of use on them. For an item costing around €10,000 each this represents a staggering €500 per hour of use!

By offering the opportunity to rent equipment not just selling we believe that the overall carbon footprint of manufacture will be less and the goods will be used more, ending up being better for the environment. Small steps, but positive ones. It is with this belief we also only provide eco-friendly rentals, which includes wind powered and electric toys. Owners, captains and crew (especially engineers!) are responding very favourably to this, as there are fewer chances of the products not working as they are all ‘plug and play’. Electronic items often come with an App that can be logged onto by our team and updates can be done remotely in the event of issues. We no longer have to worry about Jetsurfs sinking and needing a rebuild or Jetskis having engine or electronic issues that have to be fixed in situ.  This also solves the petrol storage issue in yacht garages, which are often not certified to store petrol. Electric toys ensure everyone gets the maximum enjoyment out of the equipment and the rental is always at or above expectations.

Times are changing and everyone needs to step up and accept some accountability. Our team are a collection of lifelong sailors and watersports enthusiasts and it goes without saying that we want to do our part to protect the environment we all so much enjoy.  At SYTT we are working to have a sustainability standard which will inspire others and to promote and help companies who also share in this philosophy.

SYTT have selected companies which have sustainability programmes in place to partner with. A key one being RS Sailing. RS has one of the most thorough policies in the market and consider the way boats are sold, designed and manufactured considering also end of life practices. As a result, their boats are increasingly built from natural fibre basalt, flax and hemp bio-based epoxy infusion resin. A recent study found that using natural fibre with bio resin compared to traditional glass fibre with epoxy resin saved 28% on carbon emissions alone. Adding in recycled composite materials this improves still more. 70% of RS sailboats hulls are presently made from 100% recyclable polyethylene material with 70% of RS spars and 50% of foils made of aluminium and can be recycled.  SYTT has a rental fleet of six RS21s available as well as dinghies.

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Link: SYTT Rental brochure – https://superyachttendersandtoys.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/TOY-RENTAL-180419-reduced.pdf