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Where to enjoy ‘la Hora de Vermut’ in Palma de Mallorca


For daytime drinking, you really can’t beat a vermut, the low-ABV beverage which accompanies tapas perfectly. Long regarded as something you’d find in a Spanish abuela’s (grandmother’s) liquor cabinet, vermouth is having a spotlight moment. Here’s where to enjoy ‘la hora de vermut’, the hour before lunch dedicated to sipping Palma’s latest it-drink, in Palma.

La Vermutortillería

A visit to La Vermutortillería is enhanced by the scents, colours and hum of the island’s most popular food market, Palma’s Mercat de Santa Catalina. La Vermutortillería is a popular hangout with locals, who perch at the bar to enjoy a vermut de grifo (vermouth on tap) while laughing and chatting away, bulging bags of market produce at their feet. Ordering a wedge of ‘made-a-minute-ago’ tortilla is a must. Slices are generous, still warm, not to mention the perfect combination of mouth-watering taste and texture.


Grill a group of Mallorcans about their favourite tapas bars and Santa Catalina staple Vinostrum will come up time and again. And for good reason: Vinostrum mixes high-quality food and affordable vermut with genial service and a laid-back atmosphere. Aside from to-die-for dishes (the tartar de atún and pulpo gallega are reason alone to head to Vinostrum), the backbar boasts a good selection of moreish vermuts. Just ask all the bar patrons crowding the tables around you, glasses of the fortified wine in hand.

La Rosa

The vermouth renaissance that has been sweeping Spain has hit Palma with force and one establishment at the forefront of this comeback is La Rosa Vermutería. Here, old-school underdog vermouth is celebrated anew to a backdrop of glazed-tile walls and with a boisterous vibe to boot. You’ll notice that this corner bar gets packed with noisy locals who come to enjoy their favourite drop over ice with an olive and a slice of orange alongside classic vermouth companions, like marinated mussels and small pickled fish called boquerones.

Vermuteria la Gloria

Vermuteria la Gloria, located on a sleepy picturesque square, has been serving glasses of iced vermut to thirsty Mallorcans for years. There is a reason, a very good reason, why locals flock to la Gloria daily –their vermut selection is one of the best in the city and comes with mesmerizing views of the sparkling ‘Mediterránea’. On the tapas front, you’ll be able to sample anything from baked camembert with honey and thyme to pumpkin and parmesan croquetas with basil mayonnaise —so come hungry.

Photo credits: Vinostrum & Vermuteria la Gloria

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