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When A Sailor With Passion For Arts Met An Artist With A Love Of Water

Daxa Parmar, Abstract Artist, and Linda Revill, Sea School Principal and owner, have married their talents together to create a new unique place in Santa Catalina, Palma, which brings together the world of yachting and art. It took six months to breathe new life and light into a graffiti-ridden, dark and discarded space. Daxa & Linda wanted to create a hub for art lovers and sea lovers alike to show how a synergy between two very different industries can complement each other.

For nearly fourteen years, crewmembers and yacht owners from all around the world have been training at the highly regarded Aigua Sea School, an accredited RYA (Royal Yachting Association) centre. Daxa Parmar, an established artist with twenty years of experience and originally from the UK, creates abstract art with the aim to aid wellbeing and help people to de-stress.

Since the launch of the new space in early May 2019, visitors have felt surprised at how the two activities effortlessly combine to create an inspired hub for learning, business, art and wellbeing. Providing a peaceful, welcoming and warm gallery space for visitors to find a little refuge to slow down from the busyness of the city was at the forefront of their planning. With a working studio space combined, visitors experience a realness and connectivity to the artist often lacking in contemporary galleries. Ines Rodriquez Ripoll, Chief Architect from Architecture 81, based in Portals, says of her experience:

Before even entering the multipurpose space you can simultaneously enjoy the views of the beautiful architecture of the San Magin church opposite with the art within through the large glass façade. The bright spacious multi-purpose space feels instantly welcoming, with the high ceilings complementing the artwork on the walls. Moving through the space to the lower floor, you are naturally guided to the largest classroom where you are drawn to the daylight coming through, connecting you once again to the outside space as the skylights bathe the room with light”.

Practicality over aesthetic is normally at the forefront of nautical training schools. However, Daxa & Linda spent months planning every detail to optimise the learning experience of students: creating light and airy spaces and making the most of the of the four-metre-high windows and glass floor to draw in natural light into the workshop and meeting rooms. Provision of fresh air, Cleanwave™ approved filtered water and anti-glare lighting are all part of their aim to place student wellbeing and experiences first. Simon Bradshaw, a visiting RYA Instructor who trains throughout Europe, has this to say about the new space:

I love this place; it’s got a real wow factor. Most training centres ‘make do’. However, the serenity from the art, the gallery and office space follows through into the training rooms. For good quality learning you need to have calm instructors and calm students. This place facilitates this and more as it has been finished to the highest professional level to truly enhance learning. I just love teaching here”.

A chance meeting in central London almost six years ago brought together these two women from two very different islands. At the time, Daxa lived in the UK with her daughter, while Linda was visiting the UK from Mallorca for a conference. Neither of them could have imagined they would be collaborating to share their individual passions. They explain some of their reasons for joining forces, which go deeper than just practicalities:

With the current online world, we feel it’s more important than ever to create spaces for people to connect in real life. The boating industry can sometimes be lonely and isolating and more people than ever are freelancing from home. Providing an inclusive space to unplug and engage with art in a relaxed atmosphere also aids the learning and wellbeing of our students and helps all our visitors to make that essential human connection to themselves and each other”.

With a focus on wellbeing for all, Daxa and Linda are able to make a difference in their workplace and they are both so passionate about both industries. The gallery, studio and training centre are open to everyone to visit Monday to Friday from 8.30 am – 6.00 pm at Carrer d’Espartero 8, 07014, Santa Catalina, Palma. Learn more about Daxa’s art at www.daxaparmar.com and Aigua Sea School at www.aiguaseaschool.com


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