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Wellness Essential Oils 

Feeling run down? Want to keep you and your family healthy so that you feel good this winter and make it through winter unscathed?

This is how we approached parents in February and invited them all to come together over a cup of herbal tea and some oil infused snacks at Bikini Beach where Natasha from Eoil Alchemy talked about how they can use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that will empower them to take care of their family’s health, home and happiness over the winter months. There was an opportunity to make and take a blend to protect their  immune system.

I have personally had a huge amount of success with essential oils this winter. We have found both in the spa and at home that the oils:-

Boost your immunity, gut health and respiratory function

Combat common ailments

Promote relaxation and restful sleep

Soothe sore muscles and joints

Reduce head tension

Support emotional health, stress and anxiety.

For the next few months we will continue to have different workshops on how to make the most of essential oils and their benefits. Email lucy@bikinibeach.co for the workshop schedule.