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Vitters Service Centre – open for business in Palma

It’s always a pleasure to welcome a new business to the island, especially an award winning, world renowned and esteemed one as Dutch ship builder, Vitters, all the way from land-locked Zwartsluis in the centre of the Netherlands. Sitting down with the lovely Elise Brouwer, face of Vitters Service Centre here in Palma, where she has relocated to, surrounded by STP and watching J Class Svea practicing for the America’s Cup, it’s easy to see why they have opened up here.

But before we get into the details I need to solve one small question that I have. How does one build 30m plus sailing superyachts, one of which was the tallest masted sailboat in the world for a while, in the middle of the countryside with only canals and low bridges to get you to the sea? Elise explains that it’s simple really, you merely widen and expand the canals and locks, drop the masts and get ready to give the cows something to go home and moo about. Joking aside though, Elise explains that due to its location and the strong familial ties of those that grow up there, to the area, people are very reticent to leave. So many of the engineers and builders have been with the company for years since they were apprenticed at 16. This lack of turnover means that there is an expertise, knowledge and belief within the company that makes it one of the best shipyards in the world and simply adds to its charm.

Elise’s background itself is perfectly in keeping with the company’s ethos and expertise. Having originally worked as Marketing Manager for Vitters several years earlier she decided it was time to stretch her sails and so she and her partner Kasper handed in their notice, bought a Bowman 45 yacht and set off for the high seas. They started out in Slovenia where they covered a lot of the Mediterranean and then headed over to the Caribbean, an experience she assures me was absolutely incredible. In Martinique a neighbouring captain took a liking to the boat, aptly named Elise, and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. However they had unfinished business and so stayed with her for a further three months that took them over to St. Barts in time for the Bucket, of which Vitters is one of the custodians. Cue a quick ‘I’m here’ whatsapp to Louis Hamming  and lots of conversations about an awesome opportunity in Mallorca and the rest, as they say, is history. Enter Vitters Service Centre.

The main thinking behind the facility in Palma is to maintain a reliable, fast and accessible service for all yachts, whilst cutting down on the environmental impact of having to fly engineers in to service the boats, many of which are based here, as there are two engineers constantly on the ground. The Service Organisation in Palma works as an independent subsidiary of Vitters Shipyard but is supported from the headquarters in the Netherlands.

Vitters Service executes continuous quality control on board all yachts and maintains the existing network of reliable and high-quality partners and suppliers. For almost thirty years, Vitters Shipyard has successfully built and maintained yachts with the in-house engineering team and workforce, as well as reliable partners and suppliers.

Louis Hamming had this to say: “Vitters Service works with excellent employees, who are proud of the Vitters organisation and who propagate our Vitters mentality. We intend to provide an all-round superior service and are able to deploy and implement modern technological developments which are in line with our Vitters quality standards.”

With the permanent base in Palma, Vitters Service aims to support all yachts with continuous, periodic and incidental maintenance. Vitters Service is able to instantly respond to service and maintenance demands from new-built Vitters yachts and refits as well as all other yachts in need of assistance. The shipyard has been building and maintaining high-quality sailing yachts for 28 years. Right now it has orders for two super sailing yachts, is refitting the J-Class Ranger and building a 50m classic ketch. It recently launched a Hoek-designed, 23m motor-powered tender for a Vitters-built superyacht. In Palma, Vitters Service is available for maintenance aboard motor yachts.

Vitters’ high performance yachts explore the oceans of the world and are distinguished by their immaculate finish, innovative sail systems and on board comfort. Excellence is achieved as part of the daily routine at Vitters; innovation, finding the right solutions and precise, professional execution is standard practice there and is clear to see that that work ethic is being led from the front by Elise.

With Vitters Service in Palma, Vitters provides a service on location to maintain the high-quality standards the world has come to know and love.

For more information, please contact Elise Brouwer – ebrouwer@vitters.com or visit the website: www.vittersservice.com


Vitters Shipyard

Stouweweg 33, 8064 PD Zwartsluis The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)38 386 7145