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VIPER 6.40 Latest News

Some amazing news for you about the Copa del Rey. The invitational Women’s Cup will be the first promotional event ever to happen in this very prestigious regatta and the RCNP have decided to host this event in the Viper 640. They selected the boat as a direct result of seeing it perform in our winter series and decided it was the perfect boat for the first ever invitational Women’s Cup at the Copa Del Ray, the most important regatta in the club calendar. Thank you for participating in our winter series and helping us win this selection

As many of you already know, the Viper 640 Class Association, RCNP, Rondar Raceboats, OneSails, and ONE Palma as the local dealer are pushing hard to bring into the Med a modern racing boat that is fast, fun, easy, affordable and which is growing consistently around the globe.  We are putting a great deal of effort into building a great fleet to race in. Local promotion is built in to create awareness and we have a lot of local interest already. If you have enjoyed your experience in the Viper, please visit our facebook https://www.facebook.com/vipersailpalma/, and like, follow and share them to your contact group to spread the word.

With 7 events organized in 2019, 12 events for 2020 and the Worlds in Palma Bay for 2021 or 2022 at the very latest, the local regatta racing is assured. Our intention is to run our 2019/202 winter series from September onwards, and very much hope that you will consider joining our growing band. Our short term goal is to create a local fleet of 8-10 boats and a foreign (based in Palma) fleet of another 6-8 boat is building and we are delighted to share this news with you.

Our local fleet consists of RCNP’s boat, our boat, José’s boat, Simon’s boat and Mark’s. That is a total of 5 boats in just 3 months so we already have more than half of our expectations covered. Our GBR fleet in Mallorca is made up with already 5 boats . We also have a strong interest in the boat and the series, from a number of our One sails partner lofts around Europe, so the future is looking very bright.

The Viper is unique among sportsboats as it is an owner-controlled class, which means that it is independent from the builder, and is not at the same risk of dying away when the builder brings out a newer model. The class is run by a paid professional for the maximum benefit of the owners, rather than to maximise profit for the builder. So as an owner’s class, we can proudly say that it is not about the business but about the racing and the atmosphere, and the enjoyment, so we are really looking forward to seeing you join the fleet