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VIP Service School Announce Their PYA Accreditation In Palma

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VIP SERVICE SCHOOL is delighted to announce the confirmation of their Accreditation by PYA (Professional Yachting Association) as Palma’s first training facility to be able to offer the GUEST Program courses to interior yacht crew.

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Having spent 17 years working on yachts, Hazel Anderson (CEO and Head Trainer), has brought her experience and her passion for service into the training sector where she is concentrating on the development of a “Centre of Excellence” for the education of new and existing stewards and stewardess within the yachting community here in Mallorca. She believes wholeheartedly in the idea of sharing her years of knowledge and encouraging others to be the best they can be by helping to train and mentor other interior crew so they can reach their full potential, both now and in the future.



“I honestly feel that there are some amazing opportunities available for interior crew, offering them a challenging and satisfying career.   Now is the time to change the perception from jumping onto a yacht in the summer months with the promise of earning good money and travel, to a more realistic and worthwhile endeavour where you can actually see a development path and know that the investment you make in your own training will be recognised by others and rewarded, therefore encouraging commitment and longevity”.

The PYA introduced the concept of the GUEST Program (Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training) back in 2010 and have invested time and energy into pushing this accreditation towards being an industry standard ever since. With the industry growing at an incredible rate, it is natural that a more structured approach to the interior training is adopted and formalised into an official career path.

VIP Service School offers a variety of courses and workshops, all under the GUEST Program and provides students a modular system, where they can consolidate their experience with valid and affordable courses and offering just that little bit extra; we are bringing in specialists of all different disciplines to participate in the training at the advanced level, giving students direct access to their valuable knowledge.

“Since arriving in Palma in 1997, I have seen so many different courses being started up by people who have had very little yachting experience themselves. It seems to be a common conception that training within the yachting community is easy and anyone can do it. I strongly disagree with this philosophy and feel that any student purchasing training for their future should be offered the best training possible by industry professionals”.

VIP Service School will also be offering more in the way of support for the interior crew of the industry. “It’s important for me that VIP SERVICE SCHOOL is not seen as just another training school. I believe that as a trainer’s, our role is also that of a personal mentor offering genuine support to green crew as well as helping more established crew enhance their skills”.

“We will be utilising our facilities at the VIP SERVICE SCHOOL by hosting a series of relevant events and workshops. And as well as bringing the experience and knowledge of our teams together, interior crew at all levels can make use of this valuable ‘meeting place’ to meet likeminded peers and professionals to share experiences, ask questions and get career guidance while enjoying a coffee with our Senior Crew and Trainers.”

The school is currently Approved to offer the GUEST Introduction (Entry) Level 1 courses , however our team of trainers are working hard on getting the GUEST Advanced Level II modules approved and hope to have these ready for you as soon as is possible.

“In yachting, we are expected to give a 7 star service so why should we accept anything less than 7 star training.”

September Courses: 

2nd Sept:                                            Food Hygiene Level 2

4th – 6th Sept                                    Introduction to Yachting Hospitality & Housekeeping

7th & 8th Sept                                   Introduction to Basic Food Service/Silver Service

9th Sept                                              VIP Workshop in Flower Arranging

11th Sept                                             Food Hygiene Level 2

12th Sept                                             Introduction to Wine, Bartending & Mixology

13th & 14th Sept                                VIP Masterclass in Interior Administration & HR

15th Sept                                             VIP Workshop in Sewing

16th Sept                                             Food Hygiene Level 2

18th – 20th Sept                                Introduction to Yachting Hospitality & Housekeeping

21st & 22nd Sept                               Introduction to Basic Food Service/Silver Service

23rd Sept                                            VIP Workshop in Flower Arranging

25th Sept                                            Food Hygiene Level 2

26th – 28th Sept                                VIP Masterclass in Advanced Food Service

29th                                                     VIP Masterclass in Champagne, Caviar & Cigars


For the full course calendar – September to December 2017 visit the website:


Contact VIP Service School on 619 131 633 for details.