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VIP Service School – Palma de Mallorca

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It is finally the end of the season, at least for most and no one knows exactly what to expect for this winter; courtesy of Hurricane’s Irma, Jose and Maria who have swept through the Caribbean laying waste to many of the islands. Having lived in St Maarten back in 1995 when Hurricane Luis, a Category 5 was a direct hit, I am all too aware of exactly how much work is required for recovery and how long this may take.


So, what happens if you end up spending the winter somewhere in Europe. Do you stay with your current yacht and just stick it out in some cold and quiet Mediterranean port or take your chances elsewhere?   A hard decision but one only you can make. Should you decide to just sit tight until the spring time are you going to spend your time binge watching box sets, spending all your hard-earned dosh in the bars and restaurants, or take up knitting as I did one long winter in the Port of Nice (I have an amazing Alpaca wool blanket to show for it and am now glad I ignored all the crazy comments from crew).


Here at VIP Service School we have been thinking of ways that you could benefit from a period of rest here in Palma so have loaded our calendar with interesting courses for you to attended. A quiet winter is really a great time to take stock of where you are and where you want to take your career as well as investing in your future by taking some courses to improve your knowledge. Ok, the sceptics out there will be thinking “another training company looking for business”. Yes, we need business to survive but VIP Service School are trying to bring more to the table for interior crew.


VIP Stewardess Club

We will be starting with our regular VIP Stewardess Club meetings and hope to bring the bored, lonely, homesick and cold together, so you can network, find friends and just get off the boat for a while. So make sure you join our group on Facebook so you get immediate notification of events.



We are also offering Spanish evening classes where you can learn with our amazing Spanish Professor Miguel, who will do classes on Monday and Wednesday’s. Beginners classes will start at 18.00 to 19.30 and Intermediate classes from 20.00 to 21.30. These courses are a block of 12 classes over a six-week period from early November to mid-December and for those who are interested will continue in the new year, so email us at info@vipservice school.com for details.


New On board Art Management Course

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New to the industry, we bring you a specialist course “On-board Art Management” which will be presented by a very experienced Art Historian from London, Pandora Mathers-Lee of Pandora Art Services. This is aimed at anyone with an interest in art or for more senior interior crew who have a passion for art or perhaps work on a yacht with a valuable art collection. This course is spread over two days and as well as intensive classroom based work, will include visits to two of Palma’s main art galleries. This is a fantastic opportunity, not only to advance your knowledge but for those interested in art, there is an aspect of career advancement incorporated into the course. It is always good to be thinking of an exit plan as yachting has a way of keeping you hostage!

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We also have our Guest Program courses running right through until just before Christmas and our program supports those who would like to fast track their training by allowing you to attend all the courses within the space of two weeks. This will allow you to move up from the entry level Stewardess within 12 months of starting your career which is pretty impressive. For anyone who does not understand how the GUEST Program operates we are happy to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision or you can find all the information on www.guest-program.com.


Learn to Sew

Not to be forgotten is our Sewing Workshop. Who learns to sew in school these days? I do not know of many people who can these days and this is a really useful skill to have, not only for interior crew – the deck crew can benefit from this too. In one day, you can learn how to hand sew, use a sewing machine as well as tackle all those uniform alterations that pile up at the beginning of the season. Not only is this useful on board but is a life skill that will serve you well.


We are looking forward to another month of great courses and to meeting more of the interior crew who are currently in Palma so why not give us a call on +(34) 619 131 633 or check out our

website at www.vipserviceschool.com to see our courses.