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Two Unforgettable Greek Yacht Charter Experiences

From wreck-diving to kitesurfing, read all about the incredible new Greece yacht charter experiences you’ll wish you had booked this summer


Greece has no less than 6,000 incredible islands, making it the ultimate yachting destination for keen island-hoppers. But it’s what lies on those islands that is the real draw; from natural wonders and archaeological sites to vibrant party towns and a unique culture, there is a diverse mix that offers something for everyone as you sail between destinations on your luxury Greece yacht charter. And for those who love bespoke, unique experiences, renting a yacht in Greece also opens the doors to a range of tailored activities, from a submersible tour of famous underwater wrecks to kitesurfing around Grecian hotspots. YACHTZOO’s exciting new charters in Greece truly offer experiences like no other… let’s explore just two of them.


Submerse yourself in history

Wreck diving offers an inimitable opportunity, combining history with thrilling water sports to forge a completely unforgettable experience. And this is never better than when faced with an awe-striking historic landmark.

Buried between Greece’s beautiful islands is the legendary sunken HMHS Britannic. Lying off the coast of Kea in the Cyclades Islands, HMHS Britannic was the sister to the ill-fated RMS Titanic. White Star Line’s Britannic was considered the safest and most luxurious of her Olympic steamship series. Unfortunately, in 1916, she hit a German underwater mine and sank, killing 30 of those on board (luckily over 1,000 people were rescued and taken to safety). At 269 metres in length, the HMHS Britannic was the largest ship lost in WWI.

Today visiting access is only granted with special permission from the Greek Government. However, YACHTZOO works with specialist agents to give yacht charterers in Greece a rare chance to explore this piece of underwater history, with incredible details still visible including glassware, floor tiles and even the captain’s bathtub.

What’s more, your wreck dive to the Britannic can be combined with a tour of 22 other remarkable Grecian shipwreck sites, dating from Classical to Medieval periods. Step off the yacht into one of our specialist luxury submersibles and dive into history.


Kitesurf around Greece’s beautiful beaches

Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is one of the fastest growing and most adrenaline-fueled water sports in the world. Already enjoy sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding or paragliding? Kitesurfing brings together aspects of all these sports to create a new exciting pursuit. When better to try it than whilst renting a yacht in Greece, where reliable winds provide the perfect conditions.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a keen kitesurfer, and whichever island group you are visiting, there are options for everyone. In the Peloponnese head to Drepano, Elafonisos or Nea Kios. Drepano guarantees year-round eastern and western winds, with July even promising a national kitesurfing competition. For advanced surfers chartering a yacht in the spring, head to Sarakiniko Bay in Elafonisos, where a northerly gust guarantees superb waves. Or, follow the Athens extreme sports set to Nea Kios in the Argolic Gulf, a wide, sandy beach with shallow waters and consistent, mild winds – suitable for those just starting out.

The Ionian Islands also promise some great kitesurfing spots, though conditions are generally less stable. Visit Corfu’s four-kilometre Issos Beach as a beginner, or surf with the pros at popular Lefkada.

In the Cyclades the strait between Paros and Antiparos is best place if you are travelling with a mix of pros and amateurs. Head to Pounta Beach to check out the competition at one of their regular international kitesurfing tournaments. Meanwhile Naxos is famous for its beautiful turquoise waters; the quiet, south-westerly beach of Mikri Vigla is perfect for novices as well as advanced riders and promises a beautiful backdrop to your adventure.

Then, once you have worked up an appetite, head back to your luxury Greek charter yacht for a spot of well-earned lunch from the on-board chef, and spend the afternoon relaxing in the jacuzzi with a glass of champagne. Go fly a kite, you say? With pleasure.

Interested in indulging in one of these incredible experiences from the comfort of a rented yacht in Greece?


YACHTZOO has experiences in Greece and the world over… whatever you love to do, there is a yacht charter for you.