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Katie Handyside


I really enjoyed the recent half ironman in Alcudia, along with over 3,700 participants from all over the world. It was so exciting. There were 700 competitors from Ireland, many from Germany, Scandinavia, the UK and elsewhere. It made it a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Apparently this is the most popular ironman in the world. 


Not surprising really, with a swim in Alcudia’s bay of clear blue water, a bike ride in the stunning mountains of Lluc and then a run behind the white sandy beach. For me there were a bit too many people making it very  hectic particularly on the swim.  But a brilliant atmosphere nevertheless and the 90 km bike and half marathon actually went really quickly. 


I felt totally untrained and unprepared for the event and when I smashed into the water with the gazillion of other participants it did actually cross my mind as to whether I could complete the event.


The swim was a bit of a scramble with lots of clawing, punching and kicking. I wondered what on earth I was doing. However in the end it’s always worth it and really good fun,  even just to do everything in one go that you would usually do in a weekend. It was also great to see the vast array of amazing bikes, many costing many thousands of euros. 


I was chuffed with my time, despite being under prepared in addition to not knowing the swim course or run , feeling tired from long hours at work , running up and down the transition zone trying to find my bike and bags, as well as questioning my abilities among these super fit triathletes . I smashed a 5.35 time. What I could do with proper training and preparation? Probably the question most competitors ask themselves…. What am I really capable of? 


However for me it’s all about the fun of taking part, I’m just in it for the exercise!


We have the upcoming full ironman in September and then an Olympic Tri in June at Cala Millor and in October another half Ironman in Paguera.I can  highly recommended it and  it’s on your doorstep, so now is the time to get involved.!! 


Just for the record, I did the event without eating or drinking anything other than water. You know how I feel about those sports supplement bars and drinks!! I have however been building up to this for a few years. It makes the event so much easier.




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