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Trekker Girl Morocco Bound

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Life is full of surprises and not all of them are good ones!

Having suffered potentially fatal blood clots in my leg and lung over 30 years ago, I am lucky to be alive. Until my Dad died of an embolism in 2001, I never suspected that I had inherited Factor V Leiden from him. This clotting disorder affects my daily life but I refuse to allow it to stop me living life to the full.

A chance meeting with a school friend I hadn’t seen for 35 years brought repercussions I hadn’t expected and the developing strength of this friendship is an underlying theme throughout ‘Trekker Girl Morocco Bound’. We dared one another into a challenge which took us trekking in the Sahara Desert but was it a step too far? It almost proved to be too much but you will have to read this book to find out why!

‘Trekker Girl Morocco Bound’ is not only the story of my personal struggle to cope with the disorder. It is also a humorous account of my efforts to raise money for Thrombosis UK, from organising such events as coffee mornings and car boot sales, to competing in a Not So Strictly! dance competition, culminating in a trek across the Sahara Desert.

Join me on my journey through the trials and tribulations of this adventure. Laugh and cry with me; this is my story.

“An inspiring story of courage, endurance and a determination to complete a trek through the Sahara for the Thrombosis Charity, in spite of a severe back problem. Beautifully written, moving me to tears in some places and laughter in others. A true, gripping, real life adventure story.”

5 Star Amazon review from Ann White, 27th August 2017.

“What an inspirational read! Dawne, through sheer grit and determination in very arduous circumstances, achieved her goal to raise money for the Thrombosis charity. I laughed, cried and felt every bump into the road along the way.”

5 Star Amazon review from Cathy Caliz, verified purchase 19th August 2017.

The profits from book sales are going to Thrombosis UK to further their work in education, research and support. Knowing what to look for may save your life, or that of someone close to you. Help me to raise awareness of thrombosis by buying the book, reading it and then reviewing it on Amazon.

Available from Universal Bookshop, Second Time Around and Nice Price Supermarket or you can buy it direct from Amazon at £2.99 on Kindle and £7.99 for the paperback.

Dawne can be contacted on trekkergirl@outlook.com


Eg Deep Vein Thrombosis in the leg, part of which can break off and travel to the lung forming a Pulmonary Embolism

(taken from the Thrombosis UK website www.thrombosisuk.org)