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Ticket Travel Agency – The Place To Book Your Marine Travel

Ticket have been meeting the demands of the modern traveller, with the personal service and attention to detail of the traditional local high-street, for the last 20 years. Today I’m meeting with Nicky, founder and owner. Born into a small farming community outside of Colchester, she joined the Young Farmers Association early on. The group were always travelling to some new destination or other, meeting new people and expanding their horizons and this is where the travel bug got her.

After training in accountancy and marketing she took off again, this time to Kenya where she looked after the animals on the set of Out of Africa, something that has clearly left a deep impression on her, and is still her favourite destination in the world. Roll on some years working in the city of London and a stint over in Ontario ,and she found herself on holiday here in Mallorca with a friend. One party invite, and a chance meeting with her future husband later and her fate here on the island was sealed.

Spotting a gap in the market having worked in travel for many years, Nicky decided to set up Ticket, now still in its original home of Portals Nous. You see, Ticket is no ordinary travel agency which is why it has survived and is thriving today despite the advent of online bookings and low-cost airlines. Because Ticket have been awarded the licence to serve the global marine travel industry, negotiating special discounted rates for marine airfares with up to 70% off most published prices, additional extra weight allowance, no minimum or maximum stay and most importantly, no penalties for changes and only a small fee for cancellations. This means that if you are travelling over for a refit job that is supposed to take a week but inevitably takes three, all you need do is phone the office, let them know of the delay and when you are ready to return give them a call. All of the trouble and hassle is removed by her six strong team.

I ask who is eligible for these airfares and the response is simple, anyone involved in the marine industry. For example if I was travelling over to the Monaco Boat Show to write a feature, all I would need is an official letter on headed paper stating as such and that would qualify me. Or if you are off to join a new boat in the Caribbean a letter from the Captain would suffice. Or should you be a greenie off to dockwalk in Antibes, your seafarers book would prove your intent to work in the industry. Despite having been around yachting for the last six years, this very fantastic perk was completely new to me and I intend to spread the word about how Ticket can both save you money AND make your life far less stressful.

And it’s not just the marine industry who benefit from Ticket’s in-depth knowledge. Every day they are serving a global clientele – from busy business travellers with demanding itineraries, to those who are seeking just travel or holiday packages. From mini-breaks and weekend getaways to room only cruises from Palma and exotic holidays in far-away destinations. Ticket have the answer! With a new satellite office opening in Malaga this month, it is clear that the future is indeed bright for Ticket!

Tel: +34 971 67 67 67
Fax: +34 971 67 67 69
Skype: ticket-spain