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How to power nap like a pro!

As our lives get busier and busier it’s important to remember to take just a little time out each day for the benefit our of health and well being.

It’s easier said than done and we all probably need a little help to do it so we have introduced a new section to The Islander website called “MINDFULNESS”  and each week we will have guest writers and articles sharing techniques and ways in which you can find a little corner of peace in this fast paced modern society!

This week we are talking about the importance of the Power Nap


As the busy summer season kicks off and the days get longer, in terms of hours of day light, and working around the clock looking after guests, getting enough sleep is important to maintain productivity as well as sanity.

Watch keeping duties are a vital part of safety onboard, and tending to guests that want to party 24/7 means working out a split shift rota. This means that getting enough rest as and when you can is an important skill to learn.

For those shore based, dealing with the increasing summer heat can also drain your energy levels.

Recent research has shown that a 20-minute power nap boosts concentration, alertness and mood.

Some people are lucky enough to be able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, but for the majority of us being able to switch off your mind and recharge is not as easy.


The ideal time to take a power nap is in the afternoon, but of course, the main point is trying to fit it in to recharge you before your next shift or watch keeping duties start. 20 minutes has been proven to be the ideal length of time to nap, as any longer and you go into a deeper stage of REM sleep, therefore you will wake up feeling groggy, less alert, and possibly more tired.


The main purpose of a power nap is to fall asleep fast and make the most of your 20 minutes of rest. Go to your cabin or a quiet place with little or no light where you will not be disturbed, using a sleep mask if needed, and lay or sit in a relaxing position.

White noise can help with falling asleep, so this is the one time where the humming sound of the yacht’s generator or air-con can be a blessing. A fan can also do the job, or you can download a sleep app on your phone to provide relaxing background noise.

Set your alarm for 20 minutes and close your eyes.

Try to calm your mind and clear it of thoughts as you relax. If you practice meditation then this can be a great benefit to help switch off your mind.


  • Try not to start your power nap after you’ve been staring at your phone or computer – the blue light emitted from the screen affects your brainwaves and restrains the production of melatonin, making it more difficult to fall asleep.


  • Set the alarm on your phone for 20 minutes, and then put it on ‘do not disturb’ setting to avoid being interrupted by calls, emails, or notifications.


  • Best time to have a power nap is an hour or two after lunch, as your blood sugar and energy levels drop.


  • Drink coffee before your nap – after your 20 minutes of shuteye you will feel the effects of the caffeine and wake up feeling refreshed.


Summer will officially start on 21st June in the northern hemisphere, with the sun coming up at 6.24am in Palma de Mallorca. For many the summer season has already started with the arrival of the first guests onboard, but now the serious work begins.

As often as we moan about everything in Spain closing down at lunchtime for siesta, maybe the Spanish have it right after all!


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If you have something MINDFUL you would like to share on here please email: mel@theislander.net