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The Workshop & Professional Cycling 

The Workshop Cafe and Cycles was founded by a husband and wife team: Jakub Pieniazek and Velimira Ivanova.  It combines Jakub’s professional cycling knowledge and Villi’s passion for nutrition and healthy food.  Sitting in the cafe, you appreciate the thought & energy that went into creating welcoming home for all cyclists, both the professional and the amateur.

Their dream was to create a place for people to spend time, to enjoy some great food, a coffee or a beer and chat about cycling.

The Workshop is an interesting combination… you can refuel, rent a bike or get your own fixed.  And while you are waiting, you can enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee (from Ibiza, Meke Coffee Roasters), Poached eggs & avocado or a slice of Vili’s home made banana bread.  Originally Vili and Jakub imagined, their cafe concept would attract only the cycling crowd.  But as time went on more and more non cycling guests discovered their warm welcome and healthy breakfast offering.  Their inspiration came after a stay in Australia where people like a healthy early start to their day. They were amazed by the amount of cafes offering amazing coffee and delicious food, so they decided to bring it home to Mallorca.  The Workshop is a regular haunt for the Marsh family on a Sunday… The Sunday brunch menu features Eggs Florentine and Eggs Royale, Bulgarian Fetta Pie and Buckwheat Waffles & pancakes… you can guess what the kids go for!

Vili take time to source local fresh ingredients, while most of the dry products tend to be organic.  The Workshop is perfect for private events and worth booking now for the run up to Christmas.  They have hosted pop-up dinners, where chefs “hire” our kitchen space and showcase their work, charity events, social media marketing events and of course cycling talks.  With a TV nestled in the corner – there is also the opportunity to pop down and watch whatever cycling race is on.

The Workshop has now started to offer training camps.  The camps are carefully customised to the mirror the abilities and experience of the riders, and cover the essentials such as mechanics, bikes, gear, accommodation and after ride meal.  They aim to work with top level amateurs, who often come with their own coach, as well as the enthusiasts, who have never been in Mallorca and want to discover the island.

theworkshopalma.cc – Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9:00-16:30; Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-14:30


25-09-2019 World Championships Elite Cronometro; 2019, Ccc Team; Gradek, Kamil;
08-09-2019 Vuelta A Espana; Tappa 15 Tineo – Santuario Del Acebo; 2019, Ccc Team; Bernas, Pawel; Puerto Del Acebo;

Jakub & the CCC Cycling Team

Jakub is one of the 4 coaches in the CCC Cycling Team.  At the start of 2019, CCC replaced BMC as the title sponsor of the Continuum Sports Team and became the first Polish UCI WorldTour team (the highest level in the world of cycling).  The WorldTour compromises of 37 events spanning 18 countries, including the 3 Grand Tours of the Giro D’Italia, Tour de France and the recently completed Vuelta a España.

The team has 25 riders and was initially based around The Olympic road race champion Greg Van Avermaet (Belgium).

The Responsibilities of a Coach

As a coach, Jakub looks after 8 of the riders and his three principle responsibilities are:

  • To set the daily training program (on the bike)
  • A weekly conference call with the Director Sportive & Team Doctor to discuss the progress of the 8 riders
  • Manage the logistics/diary for each rider – travel plans for races & training events

Grand Tours

I was interested to find out the involvement of the coaches during the Grand Tours and was surprised to find it was reserved solely for the Time Trial stages.

The team will go into a Grand Tour with an overall strategy and a set of objectives.  During a regular stage of a race, this is then managed, in the car, by the Director Sportive (DS).  The plan will naturally change during the stage.  Each stage is open to so many other external influences (weather, terrain, breakaways, crashes, injury, etc), that the riders, with some direction from the team car, have to play out whatever is put in front of them.

On the Grand Tours, the coaches are only required for the Individual Time and Team Time Trial.  This is where their detailed analysis of the route and the knowledge of the riders comes into play.  During the stage, they assume the role of Director Sportive (DS).  So for the key riders, the DS still drives the car (with the mechanic in the back), but it is the Coach, in passenger seat, that is on the radios to the rider.  When Jakub is on the radio to the rider, he is not only telling them about the next section of the route, he will also tell them what power to aim for in each section.  They use simple code words, informing the riders of the up and coming terrain (hazards, corners, sharp climbs, speed bumps in road, etc) and on the roof there are one or two spare time trial bikes depending on importance of the rider!

For example, at the Vuelta individual time trail, they had 6 team cars and 8 riders on the course.  Each coach supported two riders and then the last two riders (in terms of importance) were supported by the generic Mavic Cars and left to their own devices.


Planning for the Time Trial

The coaches will spend a couple of days preparing for the time trials.  Driving the course to get to know the route in every possible detail.  They are given a GPX file of the route that they download and they then create their own detailed route with a clear understanding of the elevation changes.  Each rider has his own CD data, which is a “resistance” figure (physical size & weight and bike details).  This information, coupled with the rider’s training performance, the route elevations & weather forecast, the Coaches create a predicted power output for the entire route.  The net result is that they have estimated time and average power output for each rider.  The Coaches would expect to be able to be accurate to within 10-30 seconds.  As an example, this year, Jakub was at the Vuelta for two weeks, preparing for the 1st stage which was a 13km team time Trial and the 10th stage which was the Individual Time Trial in Pau (see below).


Stage 10 Figures for one of the riders 

  • Distance – 36km & 460m
  • Normalised Power – 415w (5.7 w/kg)
  • Average Watts – 400w
  • Watts/Weight Ratio – 5.4 w/kg)
  • Average speed – 46kph



Dan Marsh – Owner & Founder

+34 616 529 111