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High performance toys are the ultimate pleasure for thrill seekers, explorers or people wanting to have fun on the sea.

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And a fantastic example of this kind of watercraft is the SEABOB. Seabob are constantly growing and adding to there product to always give the client intense fun and a great experience. The Seabob F5/F5S range was introduced in 2014 and was an instant hit with not only the yachting industry but families and businesses alike.

Its lightweight body makes it simple to handle and manoeuvre in and out of the water.



Is the lowest available unit in weight at 29kgs , but will reach speeds of 13km/h under the water and 14 km/h over the water and has an operating time of fifty minutes at full speed but normally you could expect to get two hours with variable speeds used. But with the help of the quick charger, which is available for all units, you can be back on the water, diving and having fun in just ninety minutes if completely discharged (just enough time to have lunch).

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Is the slightly quicker model, gliding through the water at 15 km/h or cruising on top of the waves at 20 km/h. It is an amazing experience and a great way to explore the beautiful ocean and see what it has to offer, you can even adjust the Seabob to dive depths of 40 metre although factory settings are two and a half metres as a precaution for the younger or lesser experienced users .



This is the newest member of the Seabob family, the luxurious Seabob F5S with the all new Performance Raise package. Package includes an overall performance raise of 10% power and thrust. The F5SR has seven gears to choose from. Additional special features included are the Seabob – Camsystem, this is two intergrated cameras built into the Seabob unit and a WLAN transmission module so your videos can be easily uploaded to social media sites. The new model also has two sporty designed tail fins designed to increase manoeuverability when driving under the water. Also included in the Performance Raise package is the choice of any colour including Bicolour, you can also opt for the new SEABOB big label option along with the Chrome package option.

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There other Seabob accessories & options to choose from are:


Fast Charger

Teak Chock

Stainless Rack

Transport Bag

Seabob Cart

Seabob Harness

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Performance Raise (10% increased power with 7 speeds, performance fins, Seabob Bi-Camsystem, Special Colour, Chrome package)

Chrome Package

Bi-Colour Paint

Metallic or Special Colour

Seabob Camsystem


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Nauti-Parts are stockists of the Seabob F5 and F5S and are looking forward to having the new F5SR in there stores from June 2017. For orders or more information on any of the Seabob product line please contact them on 971 677730 or call down and see us in our store in Portals Nous. You can also check out there website