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The latest from the PYA

The PYA team attended this year’s Palma Yacht Show, thanks to the generous sponsorship kindly bestowed by MYBA. Following the success of previous years, we once again partnered with ACREW and were present in their lounge as the representative of crew in the industry and to help attendees with their queries on sea service, certifications, career guidance etc.

The PYA kicked off ACREW’s programme of crew workshops with a guide for deck crew on preparing for the OOW. PYA Director of Training and Certification Joey Meen (the industry guru on all things related to career paths in yachting) steered the group of deckies through the dos and don’ts they need to be aware of when working towards the ticket. Focusing on sea service, pre-requisites for the NoE, training record book tips, STCW refresher requirements and the application process, the session was of great benefit to all those in attendance. Even though not everyone was quite at the stage of applying for their NoE, even the more junior members found it useful as it showed them what they need to keep in mind as they progress through their careers. With some of them being unaware of the need to complete a training record book, they were so glad of the information and advice the PYA provided.

This type of information is readily available to all PYA members throughout their careers.

Feedback from the participants

  • “I found it to be very informative and my questions were thoroughly answered.”
  • “Very informative and enlightening.”
  • “Updated information for requirements for OOW and good tips.”
  • “I learned a lot! Got new insight!”
  • “Joey was very helpful answering all kinds of questions regarding the industry.”
  • “Very informative.”
  • “A lot of info was shared.”


Free Training Record Book and Yacht Rating Certificate when you join the PYA

As part of our new membership structure, PYA members (both full and associate) can now get the MCA Yacht Training Record Book for free. This would usually be charged at €30 to non-members. The Training Record Book is essential for those wishing to apply for their OOW. You must spend at least 12 months completing this – don’t try and rush through it!

If applying for the Yacht Rating Certificate at the time of joining the PYA as a full member, new members can now get the Yacht Rating Certificate for free. This would usually be charged at €80 to non-members. For PYA members who do not apply for the YRC at the time of joining, but want it at a later date, the fee is €40.

Next PYA GUEST Awareness Day, 24th June, Antibes

There will be a GUEST Awareness Day at the Royal Beach Hotel in Antibes to showcase the GUEST program (Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training) and its importance to all areas of the yachting industry. Demonstrating some of the key skills crew can expect to learn on the program, this interactive series of workshops will be extremely informative for both crew and industry professionals wishing to enhance the experience for their owners and charter guests.