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The Moorings Yacht Ownership Programme

Make your yachting dreams reality by joining Sunsail or The Moorings Yacht Ownership Programme

Thinking of buying a boat to enjoy blissful holidays? As well as up to 12 weeks holidays onboard your yacht, from Croatia, Greece and Mallorca to St Lucia, Thailand and the Seychelles, being part of the yacht ownership programme also gives owners access to more than 20 bases and the choice of stunning holidays around the world. Owning your own yacht can cost as little as a two-week annual charter holiday. Maintenance, insurance, dockage and logistics of owning a boat can be costly and off-putting, however, joining a yacht ownership programme means that although you own the boat, it’s taken care of. With zero operating, insurance and marina costs, and a guaranteed income of 8% – 9% per annum, joining the programme is a perfect way for first time adventurers or seasoned sailors to spend more time out on the water enjoying the best parts of owning a boat.