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The Luxury of Cashmere

Cashmere is a fibre obtained from cashmere goats or pashmina goats and other types of goat. It has been used to make yarn, textiles and clothing for hundreds of years. The word cashmere is an anglicisation of Kashmir.

A number of countries produce cashmere and have improved processing techniques over the years.

Each and every of our luxury throw is especially designed, providing the ultimate indulgence to suit only the finest interior schemes.

Our pure Cashmere is sourced from the Upper mustang region of Nepal where the goats live at high altitude. Here the temperatures can drop to -15 degrees and in these conditions the cashmere fibres on the goat grow warmer and softer, especially when the winters are harsher. This in turn makes our cashmere some of the rarest, softest, warmest most natural fibres available. Cashmere wool fibre for clothing and other textile articles is obtained from the neck region of Cashmere and other goats.

The term “baby cashmere” is used for fibres harvested from younger goats, and has a reputation of being softer.

The cashmere is collected between March and July when the hair is brushed without harming the animals, removing the dense course top layer to revel the naturally soft layer beneath. The fibres are then washed and spun into yarn.

Choose a 100% cashmere throw, for when only the purest will do. Or select our luxury cashmere blend, that sees cashmere woven with Merino wool, a simple gorgeous option for a perfect pop of colour.

Cashmere is one of the softest, warmest and rarest natural fibres in the world.  These precious fibres are carefully spun into yarn which is hand dyed in a rainbow of colours, hand woven on wooden looms and hand finished. Amidst the beautiful, lush foothills of the Himalayas the family of master weavers uses traditional methods, a skill so rare it can now truly be classed as an art form; this is the ultimate in bespoke craftsmanship.

The throws are hand dyed, hand woven and hand finished to perfection.

With a colour palette of hundreds of stunning colours, whether you would prefer a traditional French Navy or a pop of acidic yellow Citrus, we have the colour you are looking for. There are various weaves in the collection,  each with a different look, perhaps a classic Herringbone in two contrasting colours, or add a little more texture with a chunky Waffle or geometric Criss Cross jacquard.

The finishing touches really enhance the piece. For a relaxed finish choose from our eight tassel designs. Each pretty tassel is meticulously hand tied. Alternatively, select a pure, shimmering silk border that adds a smart, sleek, luxe look, whilst a pure cashmere border adds a more natural contemporary style.

One final decision, we offer three weights to choose from – lightweight, for a summer throw, mid weight, ideal for snuggling under and winter weight for the most sumptuous blankets to be used during winter nights.

As each piece is made to order, bespoke options are of course possible !

Please contact me for further details:

First Luxury – gwendolyn@firstluxury.es – +34 652 423 231 


All a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat,

two suits, a pair of trousers and

a cashmere sweater

– Hubert de Givenchy –