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The “interesting” 2020 season

At the time of writing pretty much all my client’s yachts are doing different things. One is sitting in a marina in Greece with the captain on board and the owners stuck at home.

Another is in full charter modus. Then we have a yacht that is still under its yearly winter cover and is not going to sail at all this year. We have a quarantined yacht in Panama and another one that escaped Panama on time and has been shipped to Croatia, unfortunately inactive with structural damage. On the day I write this, one client has just arrived on board with his family for a month in Italian waters. A similar situation on another one that is finally sailing again after a 18 month repair and refit.

It’s been a hectic couple of months as for all these yachts we had to have several different scenarios in mind. We’re still waiting for one crew member to fly out of South Africa which took a lot communication with embassies and travel agents.

Yachts that are not under our management are asking us to supply crew which is not something we generally do, but they are often is a real last minute mess, so we help where we can.

This is all on top of the usual issues we deal with; providing extra delivery crew, shipping parts, replacing permanent crew that run into medical issues and so on.

It is hard to believe that some owners (and crew) of 50-100ft Pocket Superyachts still take on these challenges without dedicated shore support from a suitable management company. After ten years of doing this work, some of the answer and solutions are easily found, but some owners must find themselves having a second day job just keeping their yacht’s organisation in check.

We believe that owners buy their yachts to add joy to their lives and that’s the idea we want to safeguard for them. We make sure that all problems and hassle are diverted to us so they don’t have to deal with it.

At the same time we support the crew where we can so that they can do their work with more ease, which in turn results again in a better experience for the owners.

It doesn’t look like the next season will be that much easier. Concerns about Covid19 flaring up again and “new normal” regulations that are being figured out by regulators as-we-go, all cause additional burden to owners and captains.

We’re helping more yachts than ever before in these interesting times and are ready to be by your side as well.

If you’re crewing a yacht and feel you could use some help, feel free to contact me and find out exactly how we can assist your yacht’s operations. To further convince you, have a look at our website www.invisiblecrew.com, where  you can find testimonials from pocket superyacht captains we work with.

Until then, stay safe, keep your head cool and your hands clean and know that you have an awesome job!