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The Galley Club new two week cooking course

Fine diningDedicated to graduates and practicing Chefs who want to complement their know-how, this intensive advanced skills program provides the highest standards expected at top international establishments and yachts.

Acquire the highest level of expertise for every specialty in the professional kitchen, from cold kitchen preparations to advanced culinary techniques applied to different concepts.

Small group settings provide personalized, interactive and efficient training.

For the duration of the week long course the following areas will be covered:

-Review main basics of cuisine

– Arrest the various possibilities of exploitation of the vacuum method

-Prepare a wide range of produce with sous-vide technique (Vegetables, meat, poultry and fish)

-Cook broths, jus and other bases like soup or specific stuffing

-Prepare a large range of sauces and condiments

– Adapt and master cooking methods for each type of meat and poultry

– Realization of complete dishes from fishes and shellfish of season, sea and river.

– Master the preparation and cooking of vegetables: turning, blanching, simmering…

-Recognize and reinterpret French Cuisine Classics

-Realization of desserts in the plate and cooked valuing the seasonality of products.

– Master the various possibilities of plating in coherence with your offer

-Define main cost principles in a restaurant and manage cost control

-Prepare purchase orders

-Participate in the development of a quality-control policy

CLASS TYPE: 80% hands-on & 20% theory

DURATION: 6 days (Monday to Friday + Saturday morning)

  • Hands-on training in culinary laboratories
  • Applied theory
  • Associated skills
  • Testing: written and practical exam

Calendar of courses

30th January 2 Weeks yacht cookery course

13th February  1 week Advance yacht cookery course

14th February Thai

15th February Sushi

16th February ceviche

17th February mexican

27th February to 10th March 2 Weeks yacht cookery course









Arrest the various possibilities of exploitation of the vacuum method.

Master the various types of elaboration, cooking and preservation by respecting products and flavors.

Optimize the management of the time of the staff in the kitchen as well as the efficiency and the productivity.


Theoretical introduction on the methodology, the equipment and the standards of hygiene.

Elaboration of complete dishes in vacuum method in the respect for the standards of hygiene.

Explanation and realization of the various modes of cooking, according to the preservation and/or to the just cooking of the handled products.

Methodology of storage and preservation.

Techniques of regeneration and service.






Know how to emphasize a plate according to several concepts (gastronomic, bar, trendy…).

Master the various possibilities of plating in coherence with your offer and your type of establishment.



Realization of various types of plating: positioning of ingredients, quantity, neatness and alliance of colors.

Work around cuttings, cuts and cookings.

Work around the choice of tableware.



OBJECTIVES to Update your knowledge of the aquatic products: seasonality, adapted techniques and various uses to diversify your menu.

Optimize the use of products to reduce the losses and improve the quality of your preparations.



Realization of complete dishes from fish and shellfish of season, sea and river.

Application of the techniques of storage, preliminary preparations, threading and cuts, singular preparations (stuff, restrain, contiser, etc.) and cooking (vacuum and traditional).

Realization of juices, sauces and condiments.






Rediscover and know the game animals and feathered and the properties of the meat-based products (species, varieties, pieces, seasonality) to diversify your menu and improve the gustative and visual quality of your dishes.

Exploit at the most products to reduce the costs and optimize the yield.



Elaboration of dish from game animals and feathers of breeding and savage, poultry and meats of French and international fame.

Realization of recipes of season, adapted to Christmas and new Year holidays.

Put into practice techniques of preliminary preparations, maturation and storage, cuts and singular preparations (bone in vineyard, stuff, bard, etc.) and cooking (vacuum and traditional method).

Realization of bases, juices and sauces.






Master the knowledge of products: seasonality, origin and quality for a cost material checked

Revise bases to receive, store and use in a optimal way the vegetables and the cereal.

Adapt the most effective and most appropriate techniques according to your concept, your menu and your clientele to optimize your efficiency.


Elaboration of recipes around various families vegetables including cereal.

-Ratatouille de legumes and polenta

– Artichaut agrodolce

-Carottes chermoula’style

-Fricassée de champignons de saison

Organization of the implementation bound to the various preparations.

Techniques of elaboration in the respect for the standards of hygiene.

Methodology of storage and preservation.

Application of various techniques of cutting and cooking adjacent to every product.

Application of the techniques of cooking and regeneration of the complete dishes.






Master the bases of the pastry to decline creative desserts.

Understand the technology of pastry for an accessible and qualitative realization.


Elaboration of pastas, mosses, creams, biscuits, ices(mirrors,ice creams) and ice-cold textures.

Methodologies of manufacturing, elaboration and assembly of the bases of pastry – Work of simple desserts: valuation of the taste and of the picture.

Recipes as an example

Sweetness of citrus fruits intervenes, dacquoise hazelnut praline passion fruits


Crème brûlée citronella, cakes

Amandine-pear tart

Dôme exotique, sablé coco


Price is 1000 euros include manual,  material and certificate. 30% need to be pay in advance to book.