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The Aigua Plus Card: It’s All About You!

It’s here, it’s finally here! This project has been on our list of things to do for ages and now it’s arrived, well, you can imagine we’re pretty chuffed about it.

The Aigua Plus card is our initiative to provide Aigua Sea School students more benefits during their training and beyond. Aigua Sea School has carefully selected a range of companies based in Mallorca (and yes, we will be extending as we have already linked to a restaurant in Antigua) that provide services to the yachting community, and companies who would like to welcome the yachting community through their doors.

Services range from clothing to bars, restaurants to hotels, yacht equipment to scooter rental and boat charter. The companies we have been working with are as enthused as we are and are ready to welcome all Aigua Plus card holders from our launch date, 1st September. There are some great incentives too and many will change monthly.

Aigua Sea School was established in 2006 to provide first class training services as a recognised centre of the Royal Yachting Association. From our base in Palma we build relationships with our students to ensure we care for their yachting career, or their recreational boating needs, from the first contact by email or phone.

Our initiative to provide additional benefits to all who train with us, past, present and future, is a further demonstration of our commitment to student support and is the latest in a long series of initiatives we have developed over the years, for example our free-of-charge navigation theory classes that have been running for over ten years!

We will be keeping our website fully up to date with the latest offers and bonuses provided by the A+ suppliers; you’ll find details of all partnerships in the ‘about us’ section of our website www.aiguaseaschool.com plus we’ll be promoting the exclusive deals using our Facebook page.

To apply for your Aigua Plus Card, visit our website, click on the ‘about us’ section from the top menu, you’ll find the Aigua Plus card link there and you’ll see some of the companies already involved. The application form is at the bottom of the page.

The Aigua Plus card is, of course, free of charge to all Aigua students, all we need from you is to sign up, provide a passport sized photograph and we’ll prepare the card for you. We do have a photograph machine in the office, so we can take your photo on site.  Then use it! The companies associated with the card are thrilled to be a part of this growing community so do take advantage of the offers and discounts associated with your membership.

If you would like to become an A+ Partner please do get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through it, sign you up, discuss your incentives and boom, you’ll be part of a terrific growing community.