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The 2015 Monaco Yacht Show – 25 Years in the Making

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The show that will open its doors to visitors on 23rdSeptember 2015 will be a celebration of the events quarter century. For twenty five years the Monaco Yacht Show has been the tale of one city; Monte Carlo and throughout its history, it has always successfully developed great expectations. Twenty five years ago, the Principality of Monaco had no flagship yachting event of its own, despite already being the international meeting point for large yacht owners and their broker agents who arrived in Port Hercules to discuss sale, charter and refitting. Deals were struck, contracts signed and new yachts were built as a result of those meetings and the local authorities realised they should develop yacht business activities around this iconic venue.

Those who attended the very first edition of the Monaco Yacht Show in 1991 recall that the entire event was staged along Quai des Etats-Unis with around fifty exhibiting companies, mainly from Monaco and the French Riviera eager to show their wares. Just a handful of foreign companies, took stands and 30 yachts whose average length was just 32 metres were made available to those who sought to inspect them.

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Two plus decades later, the show has moved on some! The same Monaco-based yachting businesses have grown as the Show developed into the world’s premier superyacht event. Few can argue now that Monaco is the world hub of the super yacht industry and the jewel in the industry’s crown is undoubtedly the Principality’s annual yachting show. In September 2015, the Monaco Yacht Show will deliver its largest ever event unveiling a record-breaking showcase of 120 spectacular superyachts afloat. The expected average size of these yachts, this year exceeds 47 metres. Five hundred exhibiting companies will display their most innovative, tailor-made products and services lyingat the pinnacle of luxury yachting.
What to expect in Monaco this September
Much has changed since MYS first opened, but there are similarities. Back then, as now, the world was on the road to recovery following a slump in financial markets. The conviction that now buoys up the superyacht industry in today’s commercial climate, resembles that same buoyancy encountered in the early part of the 1990’s. Then, as is happening now, there was a new air of confidence, orders are being signed, designers are talking of ever larger tonnage and the myriad of service industries that surround the building of yachts are flourishing as a result. Visitors to this year’s show will have every reason to notice a spring in the step of those walking the docks.
Improved Layout

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Extra berths for larger yachts and the need to accommodate essential public works scheduled to transform and improve the port over the next three years means the 2015 edition of the show will sport a different look. There has been an exciting reorganisation of the exhibition area, relocating much of the historical exhibition area that, in the past, occupied the Darse Nord at Quai Antoine 1er. A new zone, able to accommodate most of the exhibitors from the former Darse Nord tent will offer 2,825 m 2of surface area divided into two air-conditioned tents. The first; Quai Antoine 1er A will have an area of 2,425 m2 and the second known as Quai Antoine 1er B given over especially to the members of HISWA, will be smaller offering 400 M2 of space.
Quai Rainier III, usually utilised by cruise ships during the show, has been specifically set aside to berth three of the show’s largest superyachts this year and will even be able to receive up to four mega yachts in excess of 100 metres in the next few years and will become a new and exciting focal point of the show. Extending the show along Jetée Lucciana down to Quai Rainier III, has given organisers the opportunity to enhance the reception, information and transportation services area.
This reorganisation has enabled them to plan for a more homogeneous traffic flow between all of the existing and newly created exhibition areas. The Entrance at Darse Sud will no longer exist and visitors and exhibitors will use the new entrance at the end of Quai Antoine 1er or the one closest to their stand for accreditation. Both the VIP courtesy car service and the welcome desk will also be located beside this entrance. The entrances at Parvis Piscine and Quai Louis II remain as before. While the show will still provide a fleet of shuttle boats crisscrossing the busy harbour, a new golf cart service will offer visitors the opportunity to sedately ride in comfort inside the show venue. With improved transportation services and the addition of two car parks offering 600 spaces located close to the new entrance, accessing the MYS and reaching the whole exhibition areas in a few minutes has never been so easy!
Attracting the UHNWI
In recent years there has been a surge in the younger buyer entering the superyacht market. Now instead of flying in from the USA or driving in from mainstream Europe, wealthy visitors are flocking to Monaco from all over the world. They bring not just their money, but also a new enthusiasm for tasting the good life of luxury on the water. Much of this new wave of excitement has come about following an awareness programme devised and implemented by show organisers working with partners in the Far East. It has created a better understanding by introducing the superyacht concept to an awakening audience. Organising events like Monaco Week in Shanghai and Beijing during June 2015 did a great deal to promote Monaco as a destination and also the superyacht industry to a Chinese social elite. Working with the Monaco Embassy in China and Chinese Media Partner; Blu Inc Media has done much to attract the visitor from the Orient. China Night in Monaco and the visit to the MYS by those VIP guests encountered in China will do much to cement a relationship with this burgeoning superyacht owning elite.
Specifically catering to that marketplace the organisers have created the Sapphire Experience Pack. This limited edition series of just 100 packs has been reserved for the most illustrious of clients visiting the show. It allows them to enjoy an all-inclusive visit to the show that will include the boarding of superyachts, with lunch and champagne offered at the Upper Deck Lounge and notably includes an invitation to the MYS Gala Inaugural Party.