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Technology update from e3 systems

With both Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows cancelled, it’s a brand-new sort of September for us all this year.  After twenty years with a booth at Monaco, it’s actually rather good to have an enforced change. As METS has also now been cancelled, that puts an end to all the 2020 shows in Europe where we would normally have a booth.

Broward County officials in Florida have recently made their final decision to go ahead with the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.  There will be virtually no international visitors, so the expected attendance will be down by at least 50%.  I just hope it doesn’t end up being used as another political statement, and that all precautions are taken to prevent the virus spreading.  Our team in Florida sees it as an opportunity to talk to more people with less competition on the ground.  There are silver linings to every problem.

The whole remit of Show cancellations is making a lot of companies in the industry question what the real value of Shows is.  I think the wholesale cancellation this year will give us all the opportunity to re-evaluate Shows from next year onwards, whether to exhibit or not, or whether to reduce the booth size and even whether to attend.

We all must remember that at the start of the yachting cycle, it is the owner who provides the money to buy the yacht and run it.  His or her funds trickle down to pay for the build, management, charter, all the services used, fuel, restaurants, florists, taxis etc, etc, all of whom come together to fund the companies running the Shows.  So, if the format of a Show is no longer a safe or appealing place for a potential owner to attend, then clearly that puts a big question mark against the future of Shows.

Preparing for the Caribbean, USA and Mexico

It’s good to hear that a number of yachts are planning to head for the Caribbean as usual this winter from the Med and the USA.  I heard from a colleague in Antigua last week, that a number of yachts are already there having sought isolation despite the hurricane and tropical storm threat.  Also, the Antigua Charter Show is still going ahead in December.

If you are planning to head to any of these destinations please keep in mind that we can pre-prepare you with satellite communication, 3G and 4G communications, satellite TV and IPTV.

There is a much greater dependency on satellite communications to get to and to cruise the Caribbean as opposed to the when cruising the Med. We have some special deals for both VSAT Ku and Ka band and for Fleet Broadband.


VSAT Ku band – we have a very special offer from Speedcast for all new and existing customers. We are doubling the contract bandwidth at the same price, plus doubling the bandwidth on upgrades. This offer is only valid for a limited time, which is until the bandwidth available runs out. So effectively, first come, first served. The bandwidth will be double for the whole period of the contract once signed.

VSAT Ka band – Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is a truly global service. 60cm antenna/s. Up to 18Mbps. Includes free unlimited backup service on Fleet Broadband.  It is the easiest to use service, and is ideal for yachts heading off the beaten track. We have special deals for conversions from other services.

 L-Band Inmarsat – Low cost & monthly Fleet Broadband, Fleet One, Sat C and Isatphone.

L-Band Iridium – Low cost and flexible Certus, OpenPort, GO and 9555.

3G and 4G mobile communications

 BIG DATA Europe SIM – a single SIM covering the French Caribbean Islands.

BIG DATA Caribbean SIM – a single SIM covering the Caribbean and USA.

BIG DATA Global SIM – a single SIM covering Caribbean, USA, Mexico & the rest of the world.

SUPER DATA SIM – a single SIM covering USA, US Virgin and Puerto Rico.

T-Mobile Smartphone – a single voice, SMS & data SIM covering USA, US Virgin & Puerto Rico.

BAHAMAS SIM – a single 4G LTE SIM covering Bahamas.

TVRO and IPTV TV solutions

DirecTV USA – coverage includes USA, most of Canada and Bahamas.  12-month contracts.

DirecTV Caribbean – coverage includes Leeward, Windward and ABCs.  6-month contracts.

Dish TV USA  – coverage includes USA to Puerto Rico, Canada, Caribbean (except Windwards), Mexico and Central America.   6-month contracts.

IPTV – various English and Russian IPTV services and JetStream with 4G and/or VSAT.

Wi-Fi 6 and IMO ready networks launch by e3

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. It still does the same basic thing – connect you to the internet, but it uses a bunch of new additional technologies to make that happen more efficiently and it speeds up the connections in the process.  The theoretical maximum is 9.6Gbps, which it is unlikely to reach in the real world as the typical download speed ashore is just 72Mbps to one device.  However, it is still important as it can be split across a whole network of devices giving more potential speed for each device. This is a technology that should definitely be considered for new builds to future proof the design, which is what we are currently doing.

This next generation wi-fi technology or the current technology can both be used with our IMO Ready network designs as part of your cyber security plan.

 Meet Kasia Adamek – Accounts Receivable Assistant at e3

 Kasia, originally from Poland, joined e3 in August 2015, she has just celebrated 5 years in the company!

“I first came to Mallorca in 2003 as an Au Pair, just for the summer season but I fell in love with the Island and decided that this was the place I wanted to live. I am still here, and I can honestly say that I still love Mallorca as much as the first day I arrived”

Kasia is our Accounts Receivable Assistant, ensuring that our all clients have everything at their fingertips for all their on-board accounting and invoicing.  She says, that the most important element of this part of her role is understanding what the client needs, so she is always prepared and ready to answer any questions they may have pertaining to their accounts.

“Having worked in very demanding customer service orientated sectors including Tourism and the Health Service, I am very used to providing the exceptional high quality of customer service and understanding that our customers need.”

Kasia also is a key member of our busy Purchasing Department, she takes care of the orders for the VSAT and TVRO systems that our clients order.  The Purchasing Department is always very busy and dynamic, with sometimes numerous changes throughout the project, which we all need to be ready and prepared for, in order to get the end solution 100% accurate and in line with our client’s specification.

“Every Monday morning when I walk through the office door, I feel happy. I feel that this is the right place and the right time.”

“Even if Accounting may not sound like the most exciting subject in the world, it is most definitely not the case within e3 Systems, there are always new ongoing accounts projects, which include innovative new services and products to fulfil the needs of our customers.  In the background it’s the Accounts Department that needs to coordinate it all together, so that all the accounting systems work impeccably and with all the new features available for our customers, which in itself can be very challenging. “

“From the start of my career within e3 I have always been treated as one of the family, my colleagues are always helpful, and we really are a fantastic team together. It really is the best place to work!

When not at the office, Kasia is always very busy.  Apart from enjoying Mallorca and trying to find new places off the beaten track, she loves studying languages, reading and learning new skills.  Kasia is also an ardent sports woman training regularly at kick-boxing and karate, of which she currently holds a brown belt – hopefully soon to be black! Bad debtors, beware!!

Roger Horner

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