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Tangier develops huge marina

By the end of this year, a major project to develop Morocco’s largest urban marina in Tangier is due to be completed. Called Tanja Marina Bay International, this facility will have in excess of 1,400 berths for yachts between 7m-90m (23ft-296ft).

Tanja Marina has been developed in a two-phase operation with a completely new basin having been added to the city’s original port complex. This basin has 800 berths and is due to be ready for the summer season. The second phase involves the former fishing harbour which is being totally redeveloped to provide the remaining 600 berths. This is due to be ready by the end of 2017.

The new basin and the fishing harbour adjoin each other, but in between the two is a large area which has been developed as a tourist and entertainment zone including, shops, hotels, cafes and restaurants. The total investment in the marinas and entertainment area is some €7bn.

Tanja Marina will, in addition, include a shipyard with a 450-tonne travel lift to handle yachts up to 41m (135ft) as well as a yacht club, sailing school and navigation training centre.

The whole marina project has been developed by the Tangier City Port Management Company, which is a state-owned enterprise. They hope to attract yachts to winter at Tanja and are planning special facilities to help with this. Tanja Marina is also home to the Royal Yacht Club of Tangier which started in 1925.

The new marina is directly across the Strait of Gibraltar and may offer competition. A new superyacht facility is also planned to be constructed in La Linea just across the border from Gibraltar.

By David Robinson IBI PLus