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From Superyachts to Sri Lankan orphanages

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 15.57.45Sarah Buttery has worked in the Superyacht business as a stewardess for the past seven years, and last winter decided to do some independent travelling, wanting an antidote to the Superyacht working life, during her “off” season.

Here Sarah tells us about her background in yachting and her trip.

Born in Durban, South African and immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand in 1996 with my family. After leaving school I have mostly travelled and worked in child care (nanny work) in England, Italy & France. Also did a summer in Kos, Greece working in a bar. Then I worked in South Florida in a country club for about a year. I first joined yachting in 2010 in Corfu on a 54ft catamaran where I worked for the summer. In 2011 I joined my first “big” boat Infinity and worked onboard her for two summer. I then joined my boyfriend James on the yachts he captained Yll then Heureka and Clan Vlll. I spent one summer back on a powerboat working for the first people/owners (Infinity) on their new boat Storm. I am currently on the beautiful yacht This Is Us working with a great team!!

This past winter I spent a couple of months living and travelling in Sri Lanka, as I wanted a vast change from the world I normally work in; super yachts.

I fell in love with the country it’s beautiful beaches with those Indian Ocean waves crashing onto the white sandy shores. The lush tropical forests with elephants, monkeys, sloth bears and so much more roaming free. And then there were the people. I’ve travelled quite a bit over the years and I have never met such friendly, happy and welcoming people as I did in Sri Lanka.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 15.58.01Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 15.58.49

Whilst I was there I did some volunteer work at a children’s orphanage and at an elephant orphanage too. They were both very rewarding experiences that made me appreciate all I have in life especially the small things we so often take for granted.

In recent weeks Sri Lanka has had terrible weather resulting in landslides and severe flooding. Unfortunately many people have died and thousands are now displaced. Efforts from all over the world are helping the people who have been effected. But there is always more help and more money needed.

Michael, the man I stayed with in Galle whilst working at the children’s orphanage, was not only my homestay family but he also organised all the volunteer work in Sri Lanka through the company RCDP International. Now he and his son are helping with the relief efforts.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 15.58.33

This is where I ask from the bottom of my heart and with all my soul if you could spare any money to help them. It would be greatly appreciated. Remember that life is about giving, even if just a little. Thank you Sarah J Buttery


Michael Ferreira – noelf803@gmail.com
+94 91 223 3504