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Summary on what is and is not allowed in Spain

Starting March 23rd 2020

Official documentation and photo ID should be carried at all times when leaving the house

Good luck to us all!



Everyone must remain at home and YOU are only allowed to go out to:

-Buy essential food and medicine

-Go to hospitals or medical centres

-Go to and from work if you are required to

-Walk pets (only 1 person)

-Go to take care of the elderly, children or dependent people

-Go to your bank or insurance company

-In case of a major incident (i.e. if there is a fire in your building)

-In case you need to assist a dependent person or someone with reduced mobility in order to do one of the above

-In case of medical emergency call 061 or 112


WHAT IS FORBIDDEN? (and they are fining and detaining people)

ALL LEISURE ACTIVITY: Indoor or outdoor sports, hiking, cultural events, visiting friends, bars or nightclubs, amusement parks, casinos, cinemas etc.

TRAVEL BY LAND is restricted and going in or out of Spanish territory is forbidden for non-Nationals, UNLESS you reside in Spain and are coming back to your place of residence. AIRPORTS are not yet closed but they soon will be.

BARS & RESTAURANTS OF ANY KIND ARE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, EXCEPT those in hospitals, or elderly residences


HUNTING and FISHING is forbidden


There is a final document clarifying some particular points:

-Only 1 person per car is allowed

-Military personnel are acting as agents of security

-You can walk your pet, for a short period of time, but only 1 person may walk them

-No gathering for religious services of any religion is allowed

-Court services are closed

-Veterinary clinics remain open

-Hairdressers must be closed, but home visits are allowed in special circumstances. Hairdressers are allowed to visit the elderly or infirm who need to have their hair washed for hygienic reasons

-Notaries, insurance companies and property registry offices remain open

-Phone and technology shops remain open

-Fast food restaurants are closed but home delivery is allowed

-Bars and restaurants are closed but home delivery is allowed

-Internet sales and shipping is allowed

-The postal service and delivery companies remain active

-Supermarkets and grocery stores are open, however you must adhere to their controls and safety protocols

-Car garages and mechanic workshops are closed

-Appliance and hardware stores are closed

-Building companies and companies who deal with emergencies to utilities such as gas, water and electric are open

-You are forbidden to go to your second residence. LEISURE OR VACATIONING IS NOT ALLOWED

-Building material stores are open

-The transportation of goods is allowed

-You are allowed to work in factories, the countryside and on building sites



Good luck to us all!

The Islander Team!