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Stewardess Training Academy

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“The industry is changing”, adds Jess Barnard, founder and co-owner of the Stewardess Training Academy, “It is time for stewards’ and stewardess’ qualifications to carry more weight. Courses are an investment in ones career as well as a show of commitment to the industry and the standards that it upholds”.


The Stewardess Training Academy, established in June 2016, already offers a host of courses for interior crew and has stated that the interest and feedback has been ‘overwhelming’. “There are many reasons why interior crew have recognized the importance of training; some are not receiving adequate training due to time constraints on the job, a change in roles perhaps, or longevity restricting experience to just one vessel. It is a massive confidence boost for our stews and stewards, as well as a door opener that allows crew to step up in their roles”, says Erin Bloom, co-owner and principle trainer.


Whilst the courses are offered in a luxury three storey villa in Alaró, with an abundance of space, the pair restrict the numbers per course to just a handful to maximise both individual attention and practical experience. Also provided is a ‘support’ network available to the students, where they are able to stay in contact, encourage each other and ask for any help or advice along the way. “We aim not only to teach, but to empower”, says Bloom. The Stewardess Training Academy has joined Bluewater Yachting in offering a ‘Newbie Enrichment Program’, so to speak; free workshops available to newcomers to the industry where they are given insight on what to expect, CV assistance, and entry level skills to better prepare them for yachting.


“Silver Service is still our most popular course as it covers most forms of service and seems to be the area in which most girls need assistance. The Introduction into Yachting course has also been sought after, but with the winter months approaching and crew having more time available, we have already started booking the WSET Wine and PYA Bartending and Mixology courses”.


Recognising that each yacht is different, The Stewardess Training Academy also offers bespoke, on board training, as well as a service to prepare, set up and winterise vessels for summer and winter months respectively.


The Stewardess Training Academy can be reached via their website

2017 Courses : www.stewardesstrainingacademy.com