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Stewardess ‘Pick of the Month’ From RIALTO LIVING

Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma

 You and your fellow service-superheroes standing in line on the aft deck is usually the first thing an owner or charter guest will see on arrival. A close second, of course, is the aft deck itself. That all-important first impression, and the fact that guests and owners spend most of their time outside, (draped on come-hither sun loungers enjoying Dom Pérignon, and other such arduous activities) are solid reasons why the aft deck should always look its super-shiny best.

While bubbling Jacuzzis and an abundance of places to sit, slouch and sleep entice, fabrics used for exterior seats and cushions are often seriously lacking in colour and creativity. In fact, they are mostly downright boring. If this is the case on ‘your’ yacht, why not suggest replacing these dull beiges with vibrant colours and pretty patterns to add a little oomph and personality to the yacht’s most-popular spot to chill, snooze and soak up summer?

A mosey around Rialto Living’s heavenly 200 sq m terrace, set-up with outside furniture, leafy plants and exquisitely styled cushions, is sure to inspire. And if you can’t find the shade you’re looking for amongst the cushions on display, the store’s rack of fabrics sport cottons and canvases in every hue imaginable. What’s more, Rialto Living’s in-house seamstress can whip your material of choice into the perfect sized cushion or seat in a heartbeat.

After Rialto Living’s dream-like patio has worked its calming magic on your pre-charter nerves, why not treat yourself to a cold-pressed juice in the café’s light and airy café? Choose between mouth-watering concoctions such as Cooper or Detox, made up from strawberry, banana, orange and apple, spinach, celery, lemon, ginger respectively. Hey, us foot soldiers of hospitality need to look after ourselves in the days before relaxation, and even sleep, become elusive commodities

Rialto Living, conveniently located on Calle Sant Feliu 3, is just a stone’s throw away from Palma’s STP and sells a wide selection of eye-catching super yacht must-haves. Have a snoop around and see for yourself. And if you make a purchase don’t forget to flash your STP (or other) entry card so you can relax in their leafy, oasis-like café and sip on a complimentary ‘cafe con leche’ before you head back to the boat.



Photography: Sofia Winghamre