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Sloppy Tunas

Launched in May 2018, by Marc Villalongue and Eduardo Ferrer. Sloppy Tunas is a startup based in Barcelona, Spain. They use plastic waste to create high quality clothing, with a controlled and vertical production process. Where the plastic is collected from the Mediterranean, separated crushed into small pieces, melted into pellets and processed into high quality thread. All of this saving 20% water usage and reducing energy consumption by 50%. But most importantly utilising the equivalent of 7 plastic bottles to produce a bathing suit.

“Our oceans are being polluted with over 8 million tons of garbage every year. We want to raise awareness, and contribute to the rebalance of the oceans, creating a state of harmony between humanity and oceans again”. Says Marc Villalongue co-founder.

Recently we have launched a crowdfunding campaign for our brand new All-terrain Travel shorts. The lightweight shorts feature a waterproof pocket and are designed to handle summer adventures through any weather, ideal for sailors and water sport enthusiasts. This product has been tested with sailing crew’s all over the world, and it’s the perfect piece of equipment to keep your valuables and electronics dry in all conditions.

The quick-dry fabric ensure you can use your shorts as swimming trunks too – and wearers can also enjoy peace of mind thanks to the 100% waterproof pocket – rather than stashing valuables under a towel when going swimming, or being worried about electronics breaking during heavy rainfall, the pocket offers a safe and completely dry spot for all the important stuff, including phones. Designed for optimal speed and security, the pocket is four times quicker to use than a regular waterproof bag.

“With our clothing, we want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk – seeing so much plastic in the oceans near where we live, we knew we had to do something. So we’re turning something negative into something meaningful: harmful ocean plastics turn into high quality, fashionable shorts to enjoy for years to come”, says co-founder Eduardo Ferrer.

All of our bathing suits have a special meaning, for example our first collection was based on harmful plastic that we can find in the ocean; Straws, Six Pack rings and Plastic Wraps. This year we added to the original collection the Microplastics and Hammerheads.

You can find all of them on our website www.sloppytunas.com available in adult and kids size.