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Sleep Well: Maximise The Comfort Of Your Time Spent In Bed

Just as in everyday onshore life, people onboard yachts tend to spend around a third of their time asleep. Or trying to sleep… Because studies show that, unlike in their land-based accommodation, owners and their reps tend to focus less on the quality of the onboard sleeping experience for themselves, their guests and the crew.

On some superyachts, crew mattresses are selected based on price alone. As well as being a missed opportunity to ensure crew members feel at home onboard, economising on their comfort is rarely smart business. Their cabin is often one of the few places where crew can enjoy some privacy and relaxation after very long days ensuring the comfort of owner and guests. Beds are the best place for your staff to regain their strength and rest their limbs. People perform better after a good night’s sleep and if you take good care of the crew, they’ll take great care of the people onboard in return.

Owners and guests

The reason you buy a yacht is to have a place to relax and enjoy the comforts of life in a marine environment. The beds onboard should therefore be of an optimal quality in order to ensure you, your family and your guests a very comfortable night’s sleep. A wide range of options are available in various thicknesses and qualities, from mattresses of 100% Vita Talalay latex to pocket spring mattresses with a 100% Vita Talalay latex finish. At Neptune we ensure that each mattress is custom-made to fit the contours of the bed. With the costs being only the equivalent of a glass of (house) wine a week, this is an investment in comfort that will not break the bank.

Health and comfort

However good the mattress, it is essential it have the right support in order to prevent moulds, odours and dust mites. In fact, sleeping on an insufficiently ventilated bed is very unhealthy. The best solution is to place an (electric) slatted frame under the mattress. The four-centimetre space this creates ensures sufficient ventilation to prevent mould and keep the sleeping environment dry and fresh. Moreover, the patented Neptune slatted frames – made of steamed, laminated and bent beech slats – provide significantly more sleeping comfort. And should there be insufficient space beneath the mattress, Airlift is an alternative solution.

 A good bed should also come with custom-made flannels and fitted sheets, good pillows and suitable duvets. Neptune makes and labels all bed linen in a bespoke way to ensure each sheet, duvet and cover ends up on the right bed.

Time to choose

In conclusion then, the beds onboard yachts are often an undervalued product. Once people realise this and take action the results are impressive. In fact, clients often tell us here at Neptune that they wish they’d chosen to partner with us earlier, such is the difference that a good night’s sleep is making for all onboard. If you have any questions about the options we can provide, call our head office in the Netherlands (+31 228 562 045) or, if you are on Mallorca, our agent Melanie Winters (+34 646 897 378 or melanie@neptune.nl). We will be pleased to share some sound advice based on over 25 years of experience of helping people enjoy the best night’s sleep possible