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Ship & shore – Greig Scott Mitchell & Sam Gorrie

Can you tell me a bit about yourselves and how you ended up in Mallorca?

Greig: I’m originally from Scotland but we moved to Southampton when I was a child. I spent most of my UK working life within the car industry, first in car sales and then I became a Dealer Principal for various marks. Before this, I worked as a plumber, builder and general all-round handyman! I left the UK in 2000 and moved to Menorca where I set up my own business called Sky Services (now Mediatech-IB) a satellite TV and audio company for homes, yachts, bars and restaurants.  Business was booming and I started getting requests from clients in Mallorca. Between 2006 and 2008 I lived and worked between both Islands before eventually winding down the Menorca side and making the permanent move to Mallorca.

Sam: I’m from Western Sydney and I left Australia in 2014 and spent a year backpacking with my girlfriend Hayley around Canada and Spain. Then we spent a year in Harbour Island in the Bahamas as managers of a private property. Everyone knew Palma de Mallorca was a well- known destination to find work on yachts, so we packed our bags and headed off for a new life in the Med and have never looked back!

How long did you work within the yachting industry?

Greig: I am a commercially endorsed skipper and have been driving boats for private owners since 2001 around the Balearic Islands. I would still enjoy doing this today however, I just don’t have the time anymore!

Sam: I’ve worked within the yachting industry for 5 years spending the majority of my time working on refit projects inside STP Shipyard in Palma. The first boat I worked on, Sail Yacht Unfurled, I developed a great relationship with the captain who later recommended me for work on many other boats including two J Class, Shamrock and Svea. After the collision between Svea and Topaz earlier this year, I have been involved with putting Svea back together! Even though I’m mainly land based now, I still enjoy freelancing on yachts!

 How did you know it was time for you to make the move to land?

Greig: As I mentioned earlier, I have been working on both land and sea for many years. I met my business partner Sam in the Corner Bar in Palma last year and we had like-minded ideas for the future, so we decided to join forces and things have just developed from there. Sam and I currently own three businesses together, Mediatech-IB, Mallorca Property Care and MCS Car Service but we are always looking for our next challenge!

Sam: I wanted to stop travelling and own my own business. Hayley was also working as a hairdresser for a German company in the old town and now works in the bar alongside me, so we get to spend a lot more time together.

What was the most difficult thing about the transition?

Greig: All those years ago, I thought it might be easier being land based…but it’s actually been harder for me with the long hours I put in now. I have a day job, a night job, practically work 7 days a week and I also have a six year old daughter.

Sam: For me, trying to get my Residencia in Spain for nearly 4 years and then when you finally become a resident and go Autonomo, you do nothing but pay bloody taxes and give all your money to the Spanish Government! My girlfriend (now wife) Hayley has always worked contract jobs so I thought it would be an easy process…It wasn’t!

What was the best thing about it?

Greig: The future plans for our latest venture are very exciting and this keeps us focused, motivated and moving forward.

Sam: The best thing for me is not working for an owner or a company. I’m my own boss and we have the freedom to choose what we do next, who we work with and more importantly, directly benefit from our hard work and efforts!

What do you miss most about yachting?

Greig: I miss the crazy adventures and travelling around the islands on the sea! Now I spend the majority of my days looking at the sea from other people’s roof tops or my new bar’s window!

Sam: I miss the money, the great lunches made by the chefs on-board and the camaraderie of the crew and the yachting industry in general.

What do you do now?

 Greig: We bought a bar that didn’t open back in March! (thanks to COVID-19 ha ha). Ty, my best friend of 35 years from the UK, Sam and myself invested in a new sports bar in San Agustin called The Anchor. We signed two days before total lock down in Spain. We knew what was coming (not for how long though) but decided to go ahead with it anyway! We spent 4 months refitting out the bar and we did the whole reform ourselves from the floor to the ceiling, front to back and even installed the glass windows and all the TV’s! We are open all year around and have 8 TV’s where our customers have the option to watch a variety of sports, simultaneously. It was important for us to get the official licence for the Spanish “La Liga” so we have the rights to show all the main sports events in the local area.

Sam: We wanted to open a bar that we would all be happy to drink in and socialise ourselves. It was important to us that we had a local friendly “pub” vibe that has something to offer everyone! San Agustin seemed the perfect fit as our customers are a mixture of yacht crew, Ex-Pats and locals! As we do not serve food, we are happy for you to order from the local street food take-a-way and enjoy in the bar! (we will even provide the plates!) We have a great variety of beers on draft but more suggestions are always welcome! Every Friday we hold a Ladies Night where the girls drink complementary cava and can dance to the tunes of DJ Diablo V! In the winter we will host Trivia nights and other events so watch this space!

Ty: I currently live in Southampton but love the Island of Mallorca, it’s like my second home. Throughout the time I’ve known Greig, he can turn his hand to any business and make it a success. I also couldn’t let my best friend buy a bar alone! All three of us saw an investment opportunity in San Agustin and so jumped at it. I’m also a huge LFC fan and can’t wait to get my Liverpool shirt up on the bar wall! In fact, I was actually on a zoom call with Greig when Chelsea beat Man City meaning Liverpool won the Premier league!  I’m very much looking forward to being a part of “The Anchor Chain” and eventually making Mallorca my new home.

Do you have any advice for fellow yachties about going land-based?

Greig: Be prepared to work damn hard as it doesn’t just fall into your lap.

Sam: If you are going to do it, don’t take any short cuts, do it properly!

What does the future hold for the Anchor boys?

Greig: The future for us is to own and operate one of many bars known as “The Anchor Chain!”

Sam: The next bar we want to open will serve food, bar and grill style and will be called “The Anchor by the Sea!”

So…come and join us at the bar and get “Anchored!”  

Greig Scott Mitchell

Sam Gorrie

Hayley Gorrie

Ty Moreton Williams

The Anchor Bar

Cami de Gènova a Sant Agustì, 49B, 07015, Palma de Mallorca

Facebook: Facebook.com/TheAnchorPalma