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Sanlorenzo Asia and Steve Leung Design Group

Sanlorenzo, known for its disruption of the rigid canons of nautical construction in a contamination with the world of design, opening the imagination to new languages with unprecedented results, looks to the East. The Italian shipyard that has taken on the character of a “boutique” in the yachting industry, building building iconic yacht, all of each with interiors designed and produced according to the requests, the style and the desires of every single owner, is pleased to announce the expansion of the collaboration with the well-known Asian architect, interior and product designer Steve Leung.

One of the most prestigious design studios in the Far East, with a headquarters in Hong Kong and branches all over China, boasting a fine portfolio of residential achievements, Steve Leung Design Group has been called on by Sanlorenzo Asia to shape “an Asian interpretation of life on board,” confirming the brand’s cosmopolitan vision combined with deep respect for every culture, in a perspective of evolved customization based on in-depth knowledge of every market, with its representative tastes and values.

After the first collaboration launched in 2016 for the interior design of the Sanlorenzo SL106 yacht, the project team of Sanlorenzo Asia and Steve Leung Design are already working side by side on the interiors of the SX88 motoryacht.

A synthesis of the Explorer typology with the classic motoryacht with flying bridge, for which Sanlorenzo continues to be one of the leaders on a worldwide level, the SX line is an “intelligent” proposal where style, flexibility and functional quality blend in a shared language.

Thanks to great design freedom and countless custom options, the SX88 perfectly embodies Sanlorenzo’s ability to shape the spaces of its yachts, interpreting different lifestyles and offering solutions that are always unique and exclusive, leading to the company’s worldwide success, especially in Asia, a market where the brand is going through a remarkable period of growth. The many yachts and superyachts already delivered in the region, including outstanding models like the new SX76, the SL102 Asymmetric and the 500EXP superyacht, will be joined by others presently under construction for local buyers, including the new SL96A and SD96, demonstrating the fact that Asian yachtsmen recognize and appreciate the superior quality and refinement of Sanlorenzo’s sartorial creations, as opposed to the standard products offered on the market.