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Sake…..what’s it all about?

Sake, often called rice-wine given its similarities with wine, is a beverage fermented from rice.

Unfortunately many consumers have been misled by Asian distilled products served by many establishments in the past decades.

Sake is in fact not a wine, a spirit, nor a beer but a unique beverage from Japan.

Sake has been served during rituals as traditional drink for centuries and nowadays is still served during the most significant ceremonies of the Japanese society.


The search for the best quality of the main ingredients, rice, water, koji and yeasts is a must, but it is the level of rice polishing, which takes place at the very beginning of the production, that will set the quality level of the final product. The higher the polishing rate, the higher will be the quality assigned to the sake.

Different production and ageing techniques will define various styles; unpasteurised, unfiltered, aged and sparkling, just to mention a few.


The Sake world is made of aromas and flavours we might not be accustomed to; They range from fruity and vegetal, such as pear, banana, melon lychee, almond, citrus, cedar, grass, to the less known, steamed rice, dry fruits, brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, yoghurt, butter and cheese.


Sake is usually served in different vessels and cups according to the occasion and can be tasted alone or paired with food at different service temperatures depending on the style.

This unique beverage is also getting popular within bartenders due to its styles versatility.


In Palma you will be able to taste great cocktails with premium sakes when the former Hemingway will open again in December or simply get in touch with val@ladygrape.com to get her drink list (sake, plum liqueur and rice vinegars from Japan are just few of the featured products).


Valerika Darasteanu

Wine Consultant & Sake Sommelier at Lady Grape