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Restaurant Review : Osteria Ligure

If you think this is just another Italian restaurant in Palma, then think again. When the owner of one of the best restaurants in Palma tells you to go and try a place to eat, then you should listen. He goes and eats here every night, after his own restaurant closes, so I reckon that’s a fair testament to the quality of food on offer !

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Situated in the heart of Santa Catalina, the restaurant doesn’t look anything special from the street, although they have just completed a lovely reform to the entrance are and an extended bar area where you can now have Italian style tapas sat on stools at the bar. This is a new feature of the business and one which I’m sure will be a great success .A very nice selection they are too !!

On our first visit here some six months ago, the first thing which struck us was the genuine warmth of the welcome and the homely feel to the dining area. It was like being in someone’s home. The menu is extensive, with Italian staples of Pasta, Pizza, and Foccacia’s taking centre stage. But it would be a mistake to think that is all they serve. We have had several meals here and their wood oven cooked fish is superb. Normally Sea Bass or Dorada, it is baked with courgettes, potatoes and black olives in a very simple light sauce and is simply wonderful. You feel as though you are eating a very healthy meal but with great flavours. They also do a great mixed grill of fish with a good variety of white fish and shellfish.

Screenshot 2016-04-23 19.49.36Their range of antipasti’s are as good as any Italian Restaurant with some wonderful Parma hams and Burrata cheeses, as well as their fantastic Foccacia’s with various toppings, which can be a meal in itself.

The desserts are all home-made , and as you would expect from Italians, are all scrumptious.

Their selection of wines is also extensive, with Mallorcan bodegas featuring strongly, as well as a wide selection of Italian varieties, and all at reasonable prices.

Screenshot 2016-04-23 19.49.42Enza and Rudi are the owners, and are wonderful, friendly hosts who genuinely welcome you into their home. I am really happy to have discovered this gem and have to thank Patxi for the introduction !