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Recycled shorts

Sustainability, a buzzword of today! Everyone is talking about it, and founders Marco and Shruti decided to take matters in their own hands and truly stand for the principles of a circular economy. Introducing, Kairen (Kai – ocean, Ren – clean/pure) a brand that lives true to the purpose of sustainability but does that with no compromise in style. Kairen shorts are high quality sustainable tailored swim shorts made from 100% recycled plastics. Inspired by the timeless style of the 60s from the southern Italian Riveria, for a leaner and smart look on the beach. Each pair of shorts on average correspond to 12 bottles, 383 straws, or 30 cutlery and plate sets. They are smart and affordable available to buy online shipped worldwide. Founders, Marco and Shruti, wildlife photographers, and scuba divers founded Kairen after witnessing the reality of plastic pollution on a remote island in Tanzania. They went to see baby turtles hatching, instead, they witnessed the little babies having to propel themselves in the first few minutes of their lives through mountains of plastic waste deposited on the island from the oceans all the way from as far as Asia. “We arrived on a beach completely covered in garbage, waste, and debris. Appalled, we asked for an explanation from the people on the island, but they simply said that all the waste was what the sea was washing up ashore. When we looked, we saw little turtles hatching among the garbage. They can’t see well at birth, so they head for the sea by instinct, attracted by the sparkle of light reflecting off it. These turtles, however, were being completely deviated by shiny objects in the garbage. It was at that point that we decided we needed to step up.” From there on, Kairen swim shorts were born! “We’re tipping towards a point of no return. Our kids will not find it unusual to see baby turtles born among plastic and debris. And we really don’t want to see that world.”