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Provisioning & Catering Service – Smoke House Foods S.L.

Smoked black angus picañaHere at Smoke House foods, we are a husband and wife owned business supported by our extensive ethnic family with close ties our native American traditions. This traditional art of smoking food to increase flavour and preserve foods has been passed down thru are family. The smokers are custom built by myself the chef, which are designed to smoke in different temperatures and smoke intensities.

We only use up to 12 different natural woods which some are imported from Alaska, Canada and parts of the U.S.A. to create smoke blend flavours that don’t exist in Europe. Our focus is to provide for provisioning, catering with deliveries are available. Normally commercial smoked foods are sprayed with liquid smoke and preservatives under pressure which can be called smoked.

All our products are manufactured free from any preservatives or artificial additives. This effect shortens the shelf life but creates a clean and fresh experience. The foods are vacuum packed as soon as its cooled so meats are always moist and the smoke effect mellow.

Some products require some time to adsorb the smoke such as the cheeses and the herbs. One of our specialties is fresh smoke Norwegian salmon which the flavour is like we experience in North America. Another is our smoke black pepper corns and spicy beef jerky to name a few. Besides our basic stock, we can offer to smoke other types of meats, cheeses and herbs by special request just ask for a quote. Many foods we smoke are imported and as with custom cooking, take time to produce so sufficient order time is needed. Please feel free to come by our local and sample our products.


Lance & Alba Eriksen

Smoke House Foods S.L.