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Promoting Crew Longevity Or Entertaining The Guests

If you are a Captain who struggles during the season to either keep the crew or keep the crew happy , then maybe you should look beyond the boundaries of the boat. Sending the crew off on an excursion once a month or once a fortnight, can really pay off in the sense of keeping your crew for the long haul, encouraging them to work as a team and strengthening relationships so they are less likely to fall out whilst cruising.



It really is amazing to watch the crew when you take them out on an adventure away from the boat and get them interacting and helping each other.

Finding new crew can be a real energy drain and owners and repeat charterers like to see the same faces. If you want to encourage your crew to work harder, be more motivated and enjoy life onboard more why not let the boat treat them to crew excursions.


Even for those who are not physically active they can enjoy these outings – we don’t have to make them into top physical specimens and who knows it may even encourage them to start exercising and have more energy.


I can guarantee by the end of the day the crew will be a lot closer and will look at you and each other in a total different light.


These activities are fun and allow you to see the secret places in Mallorca that you never dreamed existed. It will give everyone something to talk about .


These trips are specially designed around the physical level of your group and how relaxed you want the day to be. There is something for everyone on this island from trekking to canyoning, canoeing , walking, cycling – the possibilities are endless. I organise transport, picnics, equipment ( depending on the activity ) so the whole day is taken care of . All you need to do is relax and enjoy.






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