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Proex PCI – complete fire protection for superyachts

Who could forget Marc Antony’s beautiful 120 foot, seven million dollar, boat Andiamo catching fire last December in Florida. Such a tragic sight to watch this stunningly designed superyacht go up in flames and then capsize. And yet this accident was so very preventable, but it’s all about knowing how and who to go to.

Enter Proex PCI, the company managed by Sebastiano Dubini, the most experienced in the Balearics, offering a fully specialised marine fire protection service for more than 30 years. It is not only at the cutting edge of technology but has also brought an aesthetically pleasing luxury edge into what has typically been regarded as a more functional aspect of the superyacht industry.

Gone are cumbersome ugly sprinklers and instead we are now looking at virtually invisible, sleek and slimline Tema Sistemi water mist nozzles. And this is where the tech gets really interesting and you get to experience science in action.

When the detection system identifies a fire hazard, the water mist system sends out an uber fine mist, finer even than the mists that keep us and our beers cool on sunny terraces in summer. The mist then locates the source of the fire and rather than putting it out like a traditional water pouring sprinkler system, instead, once the globules of mist reach the fire the heat causes them to expand, which pushes the oxygen away, thus starving the fire and putting it out immediately. This incredible feat of science means that you don’t have to then replace everything due to catastrophic water damage. The system is so at the forefront of technology that it is installed on over 59 military vessels around the world and it is even being used in the Vatican museums!!

Not only do Proex PCI service and maintain these RIINA approved Tema Sistemi water mist systems, they can also maintain and service other company’s systems, issuing a Lloyds certificate.

Another exciting offering from Proex PCI is dry clean and a fire-retardant treatment that is so advanced that it can even be used on silk, cashmere, and paper, to name but a few, with there being zero difference, either visibly or to the touch, between the treated and untreated items. This ensures that they are flame retardant in line with IMO regulations with a 2-year certificate provided. With so many luxurious and expensive materials being used in the interior and exterior designs of superyachts it’s an absolute no brainer.

As well as the water mist system, Proex also offers all different types of detection and extinction systems, fire equipment and marine-approved portable fire extinguishers, all of which are Lloyds approved.

Sebastiano is clearly proud of all that Proex has to offer and rightly so. In a recent survey of his clients the company scored. 9.1 out of 10 for customer satisfaction and this is because they put the customer at the heart of everything they do. It is clearly working out for them as they are working with some of the biggest and best boats in the industry.

Proex PCI will be at Palma Superyacht show. Go and visit them at tent RR25 in the Refit and Repair area to see all the above in action.

For further information please contact Sebastiano at sebastiano.dubini@proexpci.com and for info on water mist systems please contact Lee Menday at lee@proexpci.com