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Princess emergency cover for Pollenca & Alcudia

Dear all

Firstly, our team would like to wish good health to you and your families during this Pandemic. We hope everyone gets through the crisis in good shape.

Of course the health and welfare of everyone around you is the priority right now, but we would like to ensure good care of your boat during a period of strict lockdown. Our business is primarily non-essential in terms of boat sales and customer service, however there is a duty of care for the boats either afloat or in winter lay up ashore. 

All of our boats in the winter program are ahead of schedule thanks to the great weather we have enjoyed up to now. This status will hold us on good stead when restrictions are lifted.

New laws regarding lockdown were announced early yesterday morning and we were given a day to organise our respective businesses. Our external team are not allowed to work until further notice (9th April) and our office staff remain working full time at home. 

Access to boats in all Marinas has been blocked but we recoginse the need for emergency access should there be an incident or an alarm reported. With this in mind, we have been approved special permission to enter Marinas to ensure incidents remain incidents and don’t turn to emergencies.The respective marinas are aware of this extraordinary permission and are grateful in the knowledge of specialist help available when needed.

A lot of restrictions have been in place since 14th March directly affecting our sector. Permissions to go from home to work place have to be carried in your vehicles at all times. Boats have been prohibited to move from port to port without strict and special permissions from the Guardia Civil. They are strongly enforcing the measures and when there are breaches, the Guardia Civil and Policia Local will not just give fines but will impound boats and vehicles too. We are abiding by all laws very seriously and will not put anything and anyone at risk.

Sadly, Spain is one of the worst hit countries from COVID 19 infections and deaths, so the measures are welcome to tackle the spread of the virus. We are sure there will be more and probably stricter measures soon but we will remain positive and here for any of your local needs or help. You only need to ask.

As things change, we will inform as best we can and in the meantime, stay healthy, keep in touch and we all look forward to seeing you very soon.


Very best regards

Team Princess Pollensa and Alcudia