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Preparing To Launch

It’s not easy to maintain this 48 year old body, this spare tyre didn’t just get there on its own you know, I’ve had to accumulate many hours sitting at a desk eating unbalanced meals whilst developing a bad back to get into peak condition. I’m much better at writing about a healthy lifestyle than living one. Sleep deprived, stressed out, no work life balance. Sound familiar to you too? That has to change, with middle age upon me and all of the associated health risks, I’ve made a promise to my body and my family: I’m on a mission to discover a new Vicki McLeod. I know there are many talented people here in Mallorca who can help me to change my habits and I intend to figure out which ones suit me.

To kick off I decided to take a day out and drop in to the first ever Nourish The Guide “Juicy Retreat”. Founded by Violetta Painter and Pippa Davidson, Nourish the Guide is a website devoted to showcasing Mallorca’s trainers, therapists, and coaches all with the intention to help you to live a healthier life. Their three day Juice Retreat is a natural extension of this, bringing together a selection of the talented healers and experts from the website for some valuable face to face time with people in need of some down time or a kick start in their health. On my one day visit I wasn’t surprised to find myself in the company of plenty of yachting professionals steeling themselves physically and mentally for the tough season ahead.

First off at 07.30 was an extremely green juice. Suzanne Garaty from Vital Nutrition, and a regular contributor to The Islander, was I.C. the food which was entirely liquid, densely nutritious juices and smoothies, and an evening broth. I expected to be starving by 10am, but I wasn’t at all. Instead I found it exciting to get the chance to try out lots of different flavours and combinations whilst also enjoying the luxury of not having to clean it up myself afterwards. If you were feeling peckish however food was readily available. Next was quite a sweaty Vinyasa yoga session taught by Jay from Earth Yoga which got me thinking about my lost flexibility, where had it gone I wondered as I struggled to stay upside down and breathe at the same time. After another juice there was an interesting hour dedicated to aromatherapy oils led by Natasha from Eoil Alchemy. Did you know that your typical woman will be exposed to an average of 180 different chemicals in a normal day? That shocked me. How many molecules are racing around my body which shouldn’t be there? Luckily then that next on the list was a Lymphatic Reflexology session from Amanda from Mallorca Reflexology, she makes her own balm using local beeswax, olive oil and coconut oil. All natural and a really good treatment if you are working on detoxing your body. Then after a smoothie and a quiet mooch about there was time for a back massage from Lizzy from Feeling Good Massage. I could certainly get used to Saturdays like this! Finally the day wound up with a Yin yoga session with Danielle Satya Parla and an Asian broth before curling up on the sofa for the evening. Sadly I missed out on a Sound healing session with Anna, a transformational breath session and more yoga with Sandra from Earth Yoga. But that can all be for next time. The Nourish team are planning another retreat scheduled for 19 – 23rd of September aimed at recovery after a tough season. www.nourishtheguide.com


By Vicki McLeod