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The management of Port Calanova recently sent out the following letter to all its berth holders.


Former concession-holder of restaurant blocks Calanova’s redevelopment works with illegal occupation of premises


Effectively trespassing since contract expired on 2 January


The Calanova management team would like to inform all our customers and users about the current standstill of the redevelopment works and apologise for the problems that this situation may be causing.


Port Olimpic Calanova, S.L., the company which manages the port, had planned to complete the renovation of its facilities on 20 May 2017, but this will not be possible due to reasons totally beyond its control.


The attitude of the former operator of the restaurant, who has literally been trespassing on the premises since his contract expired and is clearly set on jeopardising Port Olimpic Calanova, has prevented the time frame from being met.


Calanova today could fully redeveloped and operating at full capacity if it weren’t for the illegal occupation of the restaurant. This situation has been brought to the attention of the courts, so that they can start proceedings to evict the former operator.


Port Olimpic Calanova, S.L. decided not to renew the contract of the former concession-holder of the restaurant, the company Portals Night, S.L., owned by Alfonso Robledo. Since then, Robledo has been taking advantage of the feelings of former users and local residents, with falsehoods of all kinds being filtered into the press. He has also launched a campaign to pressurise Port Olimpic Calanova into renewing the contract, using various types of coercion.


Calanova will not, under any circumstances, bow down to blackmail of this type.


Robledo should have vacated the premises and handed back the keys on 2 January 2017, but to date is still refusing to do so. His situation, given that he holds no right to be there, is comparable to that of a squatter. Since then, Alfonso Robledo has been boycotting the redevelopment project for the National Sailing School building and its accommodation quarters.


Calanova is pulling out all the stops for its sailing centre to be ready this summer and is searching for solutions to operate as normally as possible, independently of the status of the works.


The National Sailing School is not at threat. The port management team is totally convinced that once the eviction has taken place, Calanova will continue as a highly prestigious sailing club for many more years and as a meeting place for parents, children, local residents, sailors and tourists, where everyone can share their passion for the sea.


Port Calanova

Avda. Joan Miró, 327

07015 Palma de Mallorca (Baleares)  España

T +34 971 40 25 12