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Planning the Best Ever Beach Party This Summer

What’s the point in having a yacht if you can’t plan fun activities to be shared with other boating enthusiasts? This summer, why not plan the very best waterside bash ever so that you can share your love of the water with friends and family having common interests. Whether planning a 4th of July bash or simply an evening of fun and food, it’s time to start thinking about it now because summer, believe it or not, will be here before you know it.

Joining the Fun with Yachting Clubs

New boat owners often find that it is a bit tricky finding other enthusiasts who share their interests. When you finally have the yacht of your dreams, no matter how large or small, how trendy and how many cutting edge features you have, you want to share your passion with others but this is your first boat. Where do you go? Planning a beach party for this summer just wouldn’t be the same unless you could be joined by others with a like mind, so why not join a yachting club?

For example, those living in the New York City area or in neighboring states such as New Jersey or Connecticut could join the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound. No, you probably don’t need to race your boat, at least not this very first year, but this is where you’ll find the biggest opportunity to meet others with a similar love of the water and of course a passion for their yacht.

No Beach Bash Would Be Complete without a Waterside BBQ or Pig Roast

Although a yacht is meant to be on the water, some of the best times are had at the end of the day when back on shore. This is when everyone gets together to BBQ, roast whole pigs in the sand or simply sit back with a keg of ale to share a tall tale or two and generally have a bit of camaraderie with others who love the water. This year, start early and look for kiln dried firewood for sale from companies such as www.premierfirewoodcompany.com so you can have the most flavorful, aromatic smoked meat for your feast. What is a BBQ without naturally smoked meat?

Plan Dates around Nautical Events

When you begin planning your beach party, take time to look at this summer’s calendar of events in your area. Is there going to be a boat show or parade? This would be the ideal time to plan a bash because your buddies are most likely planning to attend just like you are. If you are unsure of dates or even whether or not there will be events in your area, check with your local yachting association. Depending on where you live, you might even find yachting events in the dead of winter. Fort Lauderdale, for example, has a Christmas boat parade in the beginning of December and in that neck of the woods, it’s warm enough to BBQ or have a waterside party virtually 12 months out of the year.

Yes, summer is the time for fun in the sun so make your beach party the best ever. Plan early and by the time the day arrives you’ll have everything lined up and ready to go. Just don’t forget the entertainment! That’s a must when a bunch of sailors get together for a drink or two. Good luck with your plans and enjoy your new yacht!