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Placing former Royal Marines as deck and operational crew

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Former Royal Marine Commando, Andrew Holme launches Insignia Crew; placing former Royal Marines as deck and operational crew to the Superyacht industry.




Former Royal Marines looking for a new and exciting second career have been given a boost by the launch of Insignia Crew, a specialist agency that pairs them up with Captains of Superyachts in need of specialist, disciplined and committed crew.  

Insignia Crew, a Maritime Labour Convention compliant placement agency, is the brainchild of Andrew Holme who has over 20 years combined experience in the Royal Marines, Superyacht, Maritime Security and specialist recruitment sectors.

Andrew launched Insignia Crew to support and place former Royal Marines who are seeking a second and challenging new career following discharge from the service, many of whom have outstanding transferable skills perfectly suited to match the needs of today’s modern Superyacht industry.

Andrew’s experience includes multiple global Royal Marine commitments including time aboard HMS Ark Royal, an eighteen-month period serving on-board a privately owned 70m Superyacht in a deckhand and security capacity, 2 years operating as a Team Leader in the Maritime Security industry and more recently as a Regional Director representing a niche NHS recruitment organisation.

Andrew said, ‘I know first-hand that in today’s modern Superyacht industry, owners and Captains alike expect the very best in technology, design and cruising capabilities from the vessels they own and command. I believe they deserve the same high standards from the crew who serve in support of them. I launched Insignia Crew with two aims; firstly, to raise the bar in Superyacht crew appointments and secondly to help and support former Royal Marines who are seeking a new, exciting and challenging second career once their military time has come to an end.’

Insignia Crew’s unique candidate pool brings to the market elite, multi skilled, disciplined and highly trained candidates. In addition to the industry’s standard qualifications, Insignia Crew’s candidates hold advanced mariner and operational experience across many silos. All Insignia Crew candidates hold a distinguished service record and possess an innate sense of duty and discretion. These hard and soft skills perfectly position Insignia Crew candidates to face the complex demands of not only todays Superyacht industry but also those of the future.

Candidates hold experience and qualifications in areas such as:

  • Advanced coxswain and boat handling skills on multiple platforms
  • Advanced first aid and trauma capabilities
  • Advanced communications and IT capabilities
  • Extreme cold weather operational understanding (IMO Polar code)
  • Heightened awareness of security and associated risk
  • Varying industry relevant instructional qualifications
  • Advanced diving qualification and experience
  • High risk transit maritime security experience
  • SIA Close Protection ability and experience
  • Basic yacht maintenance and engineering capabilities

Since launching in January 2017, Insignia Crew has worked with the Royal Marines Charity to support and place Tom Banfield on to M/Y Aquila, Tom joined M/Y Aquila as part of the deck crew where his multi skilled ability has been put to good use. Tom was medically discharged from the Royal Marines because of a knee injury that he suffered during his time in service.

Tom saidI didn’t know what I wanted to do in civvy street. I was looking into saturation diving but the course was priced at £18,000 with no guaranteed work at the end. I then started speaking to people who had worked in the Superyacht industry. I already had some experience in sailing and diving so I mentioned this to Katharine Callus at The Royal Marines Charity who introduced me to Andrew Holme at Insignia Crew’

‘Within nine months and with financial support from the Royal Marines Charity, I had completed all the courses I needed and thanks to Insignia Crew I now have a job on an 86m Superyacht worth over $150,000,000. I’m thankful to Andrew who knew exactly what to do and how to get me there.’

M/Y Aquila’s Captain has been very pleased with the performance of Tom, quoting:

‘Thank you for your prompt and professional service during our recent search for a Deckhand. Insignia Crew’s candidate has exceeded our expectations and has quickly become a valuable addition to our deck crew. We look forward to working with you in the future.’

For further information on how to access this unique pool of multi skilled talent in support of your needs, visit www.insigniacrew.com or contact Andrew on the following email Andrew@insigniacrew.com



Vicki Spencer Francis, Cowshed

02920 789321 Vicki@wearecowshed.co.uk

Robbie Pritchard, Cowshed

02920 789321 Robbie@wearecowshed.co.uk

Notes to Editors

Insignia Crew is a recruitment agency specialising in the resettlement of former Royal Marines into the elite superyacht sector. Insignia Crew provides exclusive access to a unique pool of multi-skilled, disciplined professionals drawn from the distinguished ranks of the British Armed Forces in support of a range of services.