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Palma Superyacht Support

Well what a year 2020 turned out to be… With so many plans and expectations we had for what would hopefully be a successful year for a new small company, the result has been quite a different comparison. Having only launched our business two years ago we were suddenly thrown into a world like no other, jobs delayed, work that was confirmed was cancelled due to the fact the vessels could not arrive into Palma and the competition became so fierce as companies all began to fight harder for the small amount of work that was left in Palma during this pandemic.

It also became a difficult time to promote your business, gone were the days of walking up to have a chat with crew and selling yourself and your company, Covid-19 protocols and vessels self-isolating certainly put a stop to a daily process that we have taken for granted for so long. For companies who didn’t have confirmed work in some of the ports were even stopped from entering all together.

The whole situation has been bleak, it was like the world had come to a standstill. I also believe the lack of government support for small autonomo companies and the launch of the new tax from the Port Authority has at times created a sense of hopelessness and panic about the future, I am sure we were not the only one to feel helpless and isolated.

It was really at this time I started to try and think how we could get through this time; how could we move forward and remain motivated. Surely other companies were going through the same yet we seemed not to be talking about it with each other, there is certainly a stigma attached asking for help or showing your desperation to others about the months that were due to follow. Who wants to work with a small company that is potentially facing a financial crisis and may not be able to finish the work they have started?

I decided if we felt like this there were certainly other individuals feeling the same and I made the decision to reach out to colleagues and other companies I’ve worked alongside in the past, stood on the docks with and chatted with or shared a beer or coffee with in the bar. I talked about the need and the dream to collaborate our services, promote one another and more importantly help and support each other through this time.

The companies that were approached all had a seamless service to one another, were well known in the industry and highlighted each other perfectly. I worked with companies that are often searched and looked for once a boat arrives here into Palma and are fundamental services that are required as an example for refits, repairs, communication systems, provisioning, interior supplies, training and even on board Spa facilities. From here I have sat down with each Company, learnt to understand their business in order to help promote, and we have all met together as a team… Suddenly we are no longer just worrying about the future on our own we have become a team that are stronger working together and sharing our own personal experiences which alleviates so much pressure and stress.

Hopefully as you read this you have seen us dropping off our leaflets in the ports in Palma and you are finding them a useful tool to keep in your interior folder or pinned on your crew mess notice board making it easier to find everyone in one place. We have also tried to keep these tools easier for you by separating them to and interior section and another for deck, and with 11 companies in each pamphlet you are not overwhelmed with information. 

I cant thank everyone for your support so far, your chats and your time on the quays and your understanding as to why this is necessary and why your support is fundamental to continuation of small companies being able to work in Palma for many more years to come. It would be a scary thought to think that we could potentially lose so many skilled independent tradesmen and women in the Industry simply because they did not survive the year that time stood still.

Please find the contact details and our partners involved in the Palma Superyacht Support and if you would like to be considered in collaborating in some way in the future then please drop Danielle an email at sales@srpolishandantifoul.com