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Palma Bread

Do you have cravings for crispy croissants and pain au chocolate baked with real quality butter and 27 lamination layers or delicious baguettes? Do you miss genuine, tasty and healthy bread baked on sourdough with a slow fermentation process? If so, come and visit us at Palma Bread!

We are a newly opened bakery in the heart of St Catalina where hand-picked bakers bake from scratch with passion and by hand and we bake our bread every day seven days a week. We open early at 07:00 even on Sundays and it is very easy to park outside.



We did not find the bread we wanted in Mallorca. We want a bread that is baked from premium flour, stone ground and organic. A good nutritious bread always starts with the quality of the flour, but it is not enough. In order to bake a tasty and good bread, you also use sourdough and at a long and slow and cold fermentation process where the bread ferment for up to 20 hours in a fridge.

We only use 100 % natural stone ground flour from selected quality mills and all our rye is organic. We never compromise with the quality.  Bread can be nutritious, tasty and good for your body if it is baked in a proper way.

We are already famous in Mallorca for our delicious cinnamon buns and people travel from the whole island to get them and our crisp bread. But we also have the very best croissants on the whole island – you have to check it out!



Bread at sea

Sourdough bread is the perfect bread at sea since it stays fresh and tasty for several days if stored correctly. We also bake delicious crisp bread with organic rye flour, which stays fresh even longer if kept dry.

Many yacht chefs have already discovered our fantastic crispy croissants baked with premium butter. We can also arrange to sell them frozen to be baked off at sea. Our bakers are happy to share their experiences on how to bake them to achieve the crispy and buttery result.

Visit us

You are most welcome to visit our bread shop and have a look into our bakery at Placa del Progrés 14 in Santa Catalina, where our bread is baked on site all day long. Come and feel the smell of freshly baked bread and taste our assortment of good breads and buns!

In spring 2020 we are also going to open bread shops and cafés in St Agusti and in Portals as well.

Palma Bread

Plaza del Progres 14

Santa Catalina

Palma de Mallorca