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Oscar Sierra: 20 Years In Mallorca

Oscar Sierra Life Raft

O.S. SAFETY EQUIPMENT opened in Palma a little over 20 years ago, originally as a wholly owned branch of the well established Ocean Safety company of Southampton.

O.S. Safety generally known as OSCAR SIERRA has evolved over the years and is now owned and managed by the current staff.


The team have more than 100 years shared experience of seagoing experience, both in the commercial shipping world, and in the yachting industry which means that Oscar Sierra is uniquely placed to provide the best professional service possible to our international & local clients.


The increasing number of super yachts has blurred the line between yachts and commercial ships. Only O.S has the in-house experience & ability to deal effectively with the large yacht market in this area.

Agency and distribution agreements with the world’s leading manufacturers help to make the the provision of safety services and equipment an easier and more efficient operation for captains, owners and agents.


With a dedicated staff of 30+ O.S. focus on bringing the optimum level of safety services to our clients, whether for a family cruiser or a super yacht, tanker or a tugboat.

O.S’s huge range of experience allied to our ON TIME IN BUDGET mantra, ensures peace of mind for all concerned.

Experience Counts!! and there are more than ONE MILLION ocean miles here in O.S.…. and it’s all at your service.


In cases where companies/manufacturers have closed protocol practices (where equipment may ONLY be serviced by the original manufacturer) O.S. can provide rental equipment to cover the period when the ship’s equipment must go back to the manufacturer. This situation appears to be something which is not always considered at the construction stage of a vessel. It can be costly, (shipping and insurance costs) and perhaps more importantly, can take much longer to get the equipment back on board to allow the ship to sail, this being particularly important to charter vessels!!



As the ever changing panorama of regulation continues to evolve, O.S. staff find themselves regularly acting in a consultancy role, to owners, project managers, and leading insurance companies.

O.S liaises with flag state representatives, surveyors, class societies and of course the Spanish and international authorities, which allows us to advise on the best and often, the most economical route to compliance whether it’s commercial or leisure. Around the world or around the bay!!


Continuing investment has allowed O.S. to become the main contractor to a myriad of organisations such as Palma fire brigade (Bomberos), airport services, Guardia Civil search & rescue services and even bodies like EMAYA for whom O.S provides safety breathing devices. O.S. also being a certified “clean air” provider.


Our Life Raft and Life Jacket workshop has serviced many thousands of rafts.

The O.S. Life Jacket service is performed with the aid of a computer controlled testing machine, the only one of it’s kind in Europe!

Our collection, storage and delivery service is well equipped to keep your valuable equipment safe and clean. Every Life Raft is cleaned and polished before being delivered back on board.

The Oscar Sierra fire and gas department has developed enormously over recent years as a direct result of unstinting investment in equipment and intensive factory training . Although this factory training is NOT mandatory, we firmly believe that a “nothing left to chance” approach is the ONLY way to minimise/eliminate the terrible consequences that can result from a fire at sea.


We also advise or instruct owners and shipboard personnel on the safe operation of the fire systems installed on board their vessel(s).




Finally, some information on environmental matters and the prohibition of some fire retardant materials.

Since 1997 with the “outlawing” of the commonly used HALON gas as an extinguishing medium, there have been various developments. The more recently introduced “F” Gas Law has been enacted in order to reduce global warming and has resulted in a significant reduction (and the eventual elimination) of HFC gases. Reports indicate that HFC refrigerant gases remain in the atmosphere for 100 or more years!

Many European countries now ban their use. Some, Spain included, have applied punitive taxes in order hopefully, to achieve the same ends. The replacement for these HFC gases is NOVEC 1230, which we are told is not detectable in the atmosphere within 2 hours and has a ZERO GWP.



To a greater or lesser extent, safety at sea depends upon the maintainence of the safety equipment, and its suitability for the intended purpose. The skills, plus the honesty and integrity of the service provider is therefore a key element here.

O.S operates an open door policy, where captains and crew may visit our premises to see their equipment being serviced.

In past years we have seen for example, Life Jackets & Breathing Apparatus cylinders that were several years old and still with the original seals from the factory BUT with current “service” certificates!!! So clearly, never serviced!!

Similarly Life Rafts with valid certificates, but NEVER serviced !! and even a Life Raft canister with an “in date” certificate and label, with NO RAFT in the container!! It was filled with old clothes and rocks to make up the weight!

Beware, always use a reputable and licensed service agent. Lives may depend on it.

Contat: services@oscarsierra.comwww.oscarsierra.com – +34 971 247 211