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Online course for running 50-100ft luxury yachts now available

After years of work How To Work On Pocket Superyachts is now available online.

How and why did this come about?

Jens Oomes established Invisible Crew in 2009 and it has become a leading force in crewing and managing 50-100ft Pocket Superyachts.
Why? Because while Jens was crewing Pocket Superyachts successfully together with his wife An, he came upon a million questions. With Invisible Crew Management he aimed to provide the answers, but also the general support he felt was needed to make crew perform at their best. Over the course of 10 years he documented important knowledge and experiences. This was first published as “Invisible Crew’s Code of Practice”. A document given to the crews he worked with. To produce this content he has not only called in the help of some experts he has worked with for several years, he has also spent, literally, thousands of hours writing, recording and revising the content.
What drove him to do this? The believe that there is a SERIOUS gap between the required training: Basic Safety / Yachtmaster (yes that’s all that’s required?!) and the knowledge that good all-round Pocket Superyacht crew NEED to possess to work at the highest level of safety and service.

Invisible Crew job applicants are tested on their knowledge. But where can they gain it? Through trial and error on some owner’s yacht? That can’t be right!
Jens has now made this course available, not just to Invisible Crew members, but to all (aspiring) crew out there.
Why? Because, with the management company we can only help a handful of owners and crew. In the meantime many owners (and probably crew as well) are falling out of love with yachting because the lack of knowledge available is leading to disappointment.

Anyone who is serious about working on Pocket Superyachts and wants to stand out from most applicants should enrol in this course.
Go to wops.teachable.com to get the overview of the extensive curriculum including 6,5 hours of captain’s training, 2,5 hours of first Aid refresher and more than one hour on preparing your <24m Pocket Superyacht for commercial coding and MLC.

Jens Ooms

Invisible Crew