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OdourFree 3000 Sanitiser – Keeping Luxury Yachts Smelling Sweet

If you are responsible for the cabins and guest areas on a luxury yacht, the last thing you want is the lingering smell of tobacco, perfume or even fresh paint. On other occasions, particularly at the beginning of the season, it might just be a case of freshening up cabins before visitors come on-board.

To overcome these problems, Cathelco are marketing a new product called the OdourFree 3000, a handy sanitising unit which produces ozone to remove unwanted odours.

“We have tested the unit and it is remarkably effective in removing the strongest smells within a matter of hours. It’s ideal for use on the luxury yachts where owners and guests naturally expect the highest standards of hygiene and freshness”, said Sam Wand, sales manager of Cathelco’s superyacht division.

Light and portable, the OdourFree 3000 weighs less than 1 kilo and measures just 220mm in length, making it easy to store and handle when required for use. It is capable of treating areas of up to 50 cubic metres and uses only 10 watts of power to permanently neutralise contaminants.

The ozone is produced using a durable ceramic generating cell and is emitted from both ends of the unit using a fan to aid circulation. The amount of ozone generated and the time period for the treatment are set using microprocessor controls. This can be anything from 2 hours to 24 hours depending on the physical volume of the area to be treated and the severity of the contamination.

“We introduced the product at the Monaco Yacht Show where there was a high level of interest. It’s such a handy and economical unit that our long term aim is to encourage every luxury yacht to have one on board”, Sam Wand concluded.



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