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Home > Mallorca Lifestyle > OD Hotel Portals: Opens It’s Gates To The Skies

OD Hotel Portals: Opens It’s Gates To The Skies

The Sky Bar & Gourmet Restaurant “On Top”


Last month, Port Portals inaugurated the summer season by opening the island’s chief terrace, the OD Sky Bar. This is the place to enjoy the best of music, cuisine… and more, for months to come.            

As every year, starting May 28, the gourmet restaurant “On Top” will more than satisfy the most demanding palates with its fusion of avant-garde oriental cuisine and traditional market-fresh cooking, certain to become a must-stop for foodies                   


Summer is around the corner and OD Port Portals makes a more-than-enticing proposal to enjoy the top choices Mallorca has to offer.

OD Port Portals, member of the Balearic hotel chain OD Hotels, features the spectacular rooftop OD Sky Bar that provides stunning views of both the ocean and the town of Puerto Portals. The Sky Bar will offer multiple and varied alternatives to match guests’ choices and is the perfect place to enjoy summer afternoons and evenings.

These are happy times for lovers of heights: this modern hotel, owned by Marc Rahola, offers guests multiple choices at the OD Sky Bar, and patrons of the “On Top” restaurant will feel they can brush the sky from their chairs. This is a truly exceptional destination to savor the best Mediterranean fusion cuisine, Thursdays to Sundays, by reservation only.

OD Port Portals has become a benchmark, and lovers of gourmet cuisine and music will compare other experiences with this unique one. The gastronomical and musical choices are the leitmotifs that define OD Port Portals’ proposal and round out Mallorca’s vibrant summer agenda for guests, tourists, and locals alike.

First-class barbecues, cocktails, soul music, EDM, performances and themed parties are some of the ingredients in the OD Port Portals nighttime offer  

This year, like every year, the hotel recommends a full schedule of activities, Wednesday through Sunday, and extends the invitation to all in Mallorca. A splendid time at OD Port Portals is guaranteed to all.

Starting June 27, themed barbecues will be held on Wednesdays at the OD Sky Bar in Port Portals, where once again cuisine and music will be the leading players.

Cocktails will mix with the best electronic wind, string, and percussion music on Thursdays: the perfect combination for a pleasant summer afternoon.

Hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and dancehall will prevail on Fridays; there will be private parties and events.

And since there is no better way to get the weekend started than to enjoy the island’s spectacular sunsets, “SKY SUNSET” will be… the thing you CAN’T not do. Think BN Mallorca Radio, an unconventional broadcaster whose offer is independent, high quality, and with a surprising mix of different styles and generations.

Live performances are central to the OD philosophy, and so the colectivo INTRVL AV, a group who whose stage-setting combines a light show with live electroacoustic music, is another energizing alternative.

Finally, Manolo Cañaveral and Toni Christiande, members of Local Time and performers of electronic music, will provide the icing on the cake. And, among others, DJ pairs such as Tata b2b Dushan, will also pass through the terrace with the best beat in Mallorca.

The OD Port Portals calendar of activities also features an exceptional weekend schedule, and on Saturdays we travel back in time at the “Welcome to the 90s” party. A celebration for all, with top-tier décor and the flower-power of those days. Our exclusive childcare service ensures everyone can join the party fun.

The finishing touch to the week comes with Rex Party at his “Domingos al Soul,” a pun on Sundays in the Sun… good music sessions (soul, funk, deep house, house) with the best of electronic music from Baleares and the rest of Spain.

About OD Hotels

We are a new concept in the hotel industry based on a contemporary Mediterranean interpretation of luxury: functional, welcoming, inclusive and responsible. A place where things happen, where culture, art, fine food and leisure go hand in hand. Our philosophy is based on five pillars: the excellent locations of our hotels, the reutilization and renovation of unused buildings, the cosmopolitan character of the hotels, an arty philosophy, and a commitment with sustainability. At present, OD Hotels have three hotels in Ibiza – OD Ocean Drive, OD Can Jaume, and OD Talamanca –, one in Mallorca (OD Port Portals), and one in the city of Barcelona, OD Barcelona. This last one, inaugurated in the summer of 2017, is located in one of the choicest parts of the city center, in the l’Eixample District by the Paseo de Gràcia Boulevard. The building’s avant-garde design and essence make it stand out in this special neighborhood. The company is currently expanding and will open new hotels in Miami and the Côte d’Azur between 2018 and 2019.


For further information:

International PR agency: Binocular Room

Félix Elortegui Ruiz: Cell: (+34) 676-121-636/ felix@binocularroom.com

Loreto Resco Guijarro: Cell: (+34) 609-800-022 / Loreto@binocularroom.com

C/ General Arrando 18, 1 Dcha; 28010 Madrid


OD Group Marketing

Silvia Aparicio: Cell: (+34) 616-155-084 / marketing@odgroup.es

C/ Atenas 30-46; 07817 Sant Jordi, Ibiza.



Director of Sales & Marketing, OD Port Portals

Olga Estelrich: Cell: (+34) 606-122-679; Landline: (+34) 971-675-956


OD Port Portals

Av. Tomàs Blanes Tolosa, 4
07181 Calvià
Mallorca, Spain

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